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IT Provisioning Staffing

Tier2Tek IT staffing agency provides solutions for IT Provisioning Staffing. In summary, these technicians are responsible for new hire setup, moving users work stations and retrieving equipment after attrition. They unbox and setup equipment by the hundreds. Afterwards, they clean up and ensure all computers are setup and connected to the domain.

For Experienced IT Provisioning Staffing

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Tier2Tek IT staffing company has years of experience in staffing IT roles such as the IT Provisioning Specialists. We take time to ensure that our candidates are professional, experienced, and have the capabilities to perform the job thoroughly. We interview all our candidates before we send them to our clients. Our IT recruiters will find the ideal fit for your staff augmentation needs.

What Does an IT Provisioning Specialist Do?

The IT provisioning specialist identifies and allocates necessary parts and equipment for user needs. For example, when the organization needs new hire setups, the provisioning specialists make sure the appropriate equipment is set up in a timely manner. Furthermore, they work with the IT Asset Management team to update the IT inventory and retrieve workstations from previous employees.

Additionally, the IT Provisioning Specialists will also assist in moving users from one location to another. When a department needs to rearrange their staff location, the provisioning team will make sure all workstations are appropriately moved and connected.

Finally, this team unboxes equipment and sets them up before new hires arrive. If required, they can start the imaging process and get users logged in to the domain.

Sample IT Provisioning Job Description for Staffing

  • Examine work orders and identify and allocate necessary parts and equipment.
  • Excellent customer service, a positive attitude, and leadership are required for this position.
  • Track and inventory existing parts, deliveries, documentation, and orders.
  • Perform data entry to record supplies, jobs, and time spent.
  • Work with technical personnel to ensure trouble tickets are addressed quickly.
  • Develops sourcing plans and oversees creation and execution of strategic sourcing initiatives.
  • Participates in IT strategic planning, savings tracking, supplier development, and service improvements.
  • Provides technical information for projects and decisions.
  • Influences agency policy and guidelines related to selection, development, implementation, and use of IT.
  • Helps ensure projects comply with enterprise configuration management.
  • Must be able to follow policies and procedures to assess and avoid risk in the environment.
  • The candidate has experience with Incident Management Systems, Microsoft Office.
  • Technical experience with providing user access natively for Active Directory.
  • The candidate must be customer focused and detail oriented.