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Permanent IT Staffing Solutions

IT staffing is the organized process of finding, evaluating, selecting, and hiring IT professionals for an organization’s IT department. Our IT staffing and recruitment agency specializes in providing permanent IT staffing solutions to meet your business needs. We connect you with top tech talent, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your company. With our extensive network and expertise, we streamline the recruitment process, delivering qualified IT professionals who can drive your business forward. Contact us today to discover the best permanent IT staffing solutions for your organization.

The Best Recruitment Agency for Technology Roles

IT Service Desk staffing Icon

IT Service Desk

First point of contact for IT issues, providing help to users and resolving common tech problems.

Desktop Support Staffing Icon

Desktop Support

Provides troubleshooting and repair services for desktop computers, ensuring hardware and software function properly.

Application Support staffing icon

Application Support

Manages and supports software applications, ensuring they are updated, secure, and running efficiently.

IT Provisioning staffing Icon

IT Provisioning

Handles the setup and distribution of IT equipment and software, ensuring new users have the resources they need.

AV Specialist

AV Specialist

Focuses on audio-visual technology, managing and maintaining equipment for presentations and meetings.

IT Asset Management Staffing Icon

IT Asset Management

Involves tracking and managing IT assets throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to disposal.

NOC – Network Operations Center Staffing

NOC – Network Operations Center Staffing

Monitors and maintains the organization’s networks, ensuring uptime and efficiency.

Active Directory Specialist staffing icon

Active Directory Specialist

Manages and maintains the Active Directory environment, ensuring user and resource permissions are correctly configured.

Mobile Device Support Analyst staffing icon

Mobile Device Support Analyst

Supports mobile devices and applications, ensuring secure and efficient mobile computing.

Systems Administrator staffing Icon

Systems Administrator

Manages and maintains the daily operations of computer systems and networks, ensuring they run efficiently and securely.

Network Engineer staffing Icon

Network Engineer

Designs, implements, and manages computer networks, such as LANs, WANs, and intranets, to ensure optimal performance and security.

Voice and Telecommunications staffing icon

Voice and Telecommunications

Oversees voice communication systems and services, including telephony, VOIP, and video conferencing, ensuring reliable and clear connections.

Cybersecurity Engineer Staffing Icon

Cybersecurity Engineer

Protects an organization’s computer systems and networks from cyber threats, employing various security measures and technologies.

Cloud Engineer staffing icon

Cloud Engineer

Designs, manages, and supports cloud computing strategies and deployments, optimizing scalability, performance, and security in cloud environments.

Database Administrator staffing icon

Database Administrator

Responsible for the performance, integrity, and security of databases, ensuring data is stored efficiently and can be retrieved effectively.

Data Scientist Staffing Icon

Data Scientist

Analyzes and interprets complex digital data to help organizations make informed decisions, utilizing statistical, algorithmic, mining, and visualization techniques.

IT Architect staffing Icon

IT Architect

Designs the overall structure of IT systems to meet business needs and ensures they integrate well.

Software Developer staffing Icon

Software Developer

Builds and maintains software applications to meet user needs and system requirements.

Enterprise resource planning Staffing Icon


Manages and integrates important parts of a business, including planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, and HR.

SEO Analyst Staffing Icon

SEO Analyst

Optimizes websites to rank higher in search engine results, increasing visibility and traffic.

Technical Writer Staffing Icon

Technical Writer

Creates clear and concise documentation for technical products and processes.

IT Change Management Staffing Icon

IT Change Management

Oversees the process, tools, and techniques to manage the people side of change to achieve the required business outcome.

Business Analyst Staffing Icon

Business Analyst

Identifies business needs and determines solutions to business problems through analysis and management of requirements.

Systems Analyst Staffing Icon

Systems Analyst

Analyzes and designs system solutions to help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively.

Business Intelligence Staffing Icon

Business Intelligence

Uses data analysis tools to support business decisions by presenting complex data in actionable forms.

DevOps Staffing Icon


Improves collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, workflows, and monitoring application performance.

Salesforce Specialist Staffing Icon

Salesforce Specialist

Specializes in using the Salesforce platform to manage customer relationships, marketing strategies, and business operations.

IT Auditor Staffing Icon

IT Auditor

Examines and evaluates an organization’s IT infrastructure, policies, and operations to ensure security, integrity, and compliance with regulations.

Scrum Master Staffing Icon

Scrum Master

Facilitates Scrum practices for a development team, ensuring the team follows Agile principles and methodologies.

VMWare Administrator Staffing Icon

VMWare Administrator

Manages and supports virtual environments created with VMware products, focusing on configuration, maintenance, and performance.

Windows Deployment Technician Staffing Icon

Windows Deployment Technician

Specializes in deploying Windows operating systems across various devices and ensuring their proper configuration and setup.

UI UX Designer Staffing Icon Tier2Tek

UI/UX Designer

Designs user interfaces and experiences, ensuring products are intuitive and user-friendly.

IT Incident Coordinator Staffing Icon

IT Incident Coordinator

Manages the response to IT incidents to minimize impact and restore normal service operations as quickly as possible.

Instructional Designer Staffing Icon

Instructional Designer

Designs and develops educational programs and materials leveraging learning theory and technology.

ServiceNow Engineer staffing Icon

ServiceNow Engineer

Specializes in implementing and maintaining the ServiceNow platform to automate IT business processes.

G Suite Administrator staffing Icon

G Suite Administrator

Manages and configures Google Workspace services and user permissions to ensure efficient operation and collaboration.

Information Governance Staffing Icon

Information Governance

Develops and implements policies and practices to manage information lifecycle and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Workday Staffing icon


Specializes in configuring and maintaining the Workday platform, focusing on HR and financial management solutions.

SharePoint Staffing Icon


Designs, configures, and supports Microsoft SharePoint environments, enhancing collaboration and information sharing within organizations.

Managed Service Provider Staffing Icon

Managed Service Provider

Offers outsourced management and support of IT services, often including network, application, infrastructure, and security services.

Machine Learning AI Staffing Icon

Machine Learning AI

Develops algorithms and models that enable computers to learn from and make decisions based on data.

IT Disaster Recovery Staffing Icon

IT Disaster Recovery

Plans, implements, and manages strategies for recovering IT systems and operations in the event of a disaster or disruption.

Top Reasons to Choose Tier2Tek IT Hiring Agency

Selecting the right recruitment partner is crucial. Here are compelling reasons to choose Tier2Tek Staffing:

Accelerated Sourcing Speed icon

Fast Hiring Process

We deliver qualified candidates quickly to ensure your business operations run smoothly and projects stay on track.

Exceptional Communication icon


We maintain clear communication, keeping you informed at every step. Our dedicated account managers are always available to address your queries and provide updates.

Quality Candidates Icon 2

Quality Candidates

We provide top-quality candidates who match your specific requirements and company culture. Our rigorous screening process ensures that you receive only the best talent in the IT Staffing industry.

Innovative Sourcing Strategies Icon

Innovative Sourcing

We employ cutting-edge sourcing techniques to find the most suitable candidates for your IT roles. Our innovative approach to IT Staffing guarantees access to a broad pool of highly skilled professionals.

Hiring Success and Data


98% Placement Rate

We achieve a 98% placement rate, reflecting our commitment to matching the right candidates with the right companies.

☝ Week

Less Than One Week Placement

Our efficient processes ensure that most placements are completed in under a week, minimizing delays and enhancing productivity.


95% Client Retention

Our high client retention rate of 95% speaks volumes about our reliable and effective IT Staffing services.

Success Stories from Our IT Placements


“We rely on Tier2Tek for all our IT Staffing needs. Their innovative sourcing strategies and thorough understanding of our requirements have made them an invaluable partner.”


“Tier2Tek has been instrumental in our hiring process. Their IT staffing solutions are unparalleled, and we’ve consistently found top-tier candidates through their agency.”


“The speed and quality of candidates provided by Tier2Tek are exceptional. Their commitment to IT Staffing excellence is evident in every interaction.”

Tier2Tek IT Staffing FAQ’s

How quickly can you fill an IT position?

Our average placement time is less than one week, thanks to our efficient sourcing and screening processes.

What is your screening process for candidates?

We conduct thorough screenings, including technical assessments, and interviews to ensure we present only the most qualified candidates.

How do you handle client feedback and concerns?

We prioritize client satisfaction and address feedback and concerns promptly through regular communication and dedicated support from our account managers.

What sets Tier2Tek apart from other staffing agencies?

Our high placement success rate, quick turnaround times, and commitment to quality and client communication make us a preferred choice for IT staffing needs.

What are your fees for IT staffing services?

We offer competitive pricing with fees that are lower than the industry average.

Do you offer any guarantees on your placements?

Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on our placements. If a candidate does not meet your expectations, we will work with you to find a suitable replacement.

Can you assist with high-volume hiring needs?

Absolutely, we have the resources and expertise to handle high-volume hiring needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for large-scale recruitment efforts.

What regions do you serve for IT staffing?

We provide IT staffing services across the United States, catering to clients in various regions and ensuring access to top talent nationwide.