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Transparent Staffing, Transparent Pricing. Outsourced, Direct Hire, Temp to Hire, High Volume, and Seasonal.

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Committed to finding skilled professionals perfect for your organization.

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IT Staffing Agency Specializing in IT Support & Operation Roles.

IT Staffing & IT Services

Tier2Tek provides IT staff augmentation possibilities for your organizational needs. If you’re in need of a recruiting firm that specializes in IT support staffing, you’ve come to the right place. Because we specialize in this area in particular, we’ve developed proven, in-depth recruiting processes to attract and retain professional talent. As a result, many of our candidates have gone onto becoming IT leaders within our client organizations. We partner with job boards, universities and even have our own training course where we discover exceptional talent. Subsequently, we have some very bright candidates just ready to start. Most Noteworthy, Tier2Tek is keen on ITIL standards in our candidate search and training process. Finally, our staffing process is transparent and our clients know exactly what they are paying for. We know, this shouldn’t be rocket science. Tier2Tek breaks down all employment costs to our clients and charges a percentage for our service. It’s that simple, clear and transparent staffing. In addition to our capacity as an IT staffing company, Tier2Tek provides other IT Services. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

IT Staffing: How It Works


1. Let’s Talk

Contact us or give us a call (720.722.2385). We are committed to understanding your needs and placing talented candidates in your organization’s culture. We can use your job description or create one for you based on your requirements. We will be here every step of the way.

2. Staffing Solutions

Are you looking for outsourced staffing or temp-to-hire? Perhaps direct-hire? Tier2Tek provides multiple options to fit your organization’s needs. Our recruiters have years of experience in their field. We take pride in our commitment, our reputation, and there is no cost to you until you are satisfied with a candidate that fits your team.

3. Interview Candidates

Tier2Tek recruiters will review ideal professionals based on your requirements. We conduct in-depth interviews. We will send you multiple candidates and allow you to decide the best fit. Afterwards, we will take care of the rest to insure a seamless start date.

4. Continuous Satisfaction

Tier2Tek takes pride in matching you with the ideal professionals for your team. The difference between us and other staffing agencies is that we will continue to reach out both to you and the candidates. This will ensure that our employees are meeting your expectations. We are committed to creating strong partnerships and solid teams!

Job Seekers

1. Browse and Apply

Take a look at our jobs page and read the job description you are interested in. Make a decision if that position is a good fit for you.

2. Submit Your Resume

Update your resume to reflect the most current experience and apply for the position. Upload your resume and one of our trained recruiters will review your resume. If it’s a good fit for one of the positions, we will contact you to discuss it further. We also provide professional feedback and recommendations for improvement.

3. Let’s Meet

It’s important to understand your career goals and a roadway to achieve your objectives. Meeting with a professional recruiter will assist you in updating your resume and setting goals for growth.

4. Resume Review and Preparation

While we wait to find the perfect position, we will review and prepare you for interviews and etiquettes of professionalism.

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IT Staffing

Tier2Tek offers flexible options to fit your needs, whether its Direct Hire, Contract, or Contract-to-Hire.


All estimates are free of charge. Our quotes are clear with no hidden fees. Contact us for our Services.

IT Training

Fill the gap between IT knowledge and experience. Our course will prepare you for the corporate IT field with resume assistance and interview tips.

Contact Us

Contact us at Inquiry@Tier2Tek.com or 720.722.2385. We can help you build your team with the right candidates. We work with your budget and time frame.

Guarantee to Our Clients

If you’re not satisfied with one of our candidates you hire, please let us know. We will find a replacement and you will not be invoiced. We provide a time-frame of two-days, or sixteen-hour notice. Have no regrets with Tier2Tek!