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GIS Analyst & Developer Staffing Agency
Geographic Information Science

GIS Analyst & Developer Staffing

Tier2Tek technical staffing agency has candidates ready to interview for GIS positions. From GIS analyst to developers, these engineers have sharp critical thinking skills and work with other software developers to maintain GIS Software.

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What Does a GIS Analyst & Developer Do?

GIS analyst and developers have two distinctive roles. As for the analysts, their work is a cross between data analysis and programming. They should be very proficient in the latest database technologies with a strong capacity in science and math.

The GIS developer is a programmer who develops GIS applications and tools. They possess skills such as programming, data management, analysis and algorithm manipulation.

Sample GIS Analyst Job Description for Staffing

This position has 3-5 years of experience and is primarily responsible for performing standard level statistical and spatial analysis. Furthermore, geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, and producing relevant text. The position also requires presentation graphics utilizing multiple GIS software packages, modules and applies analysis to routine situations involving a number of datasets and databases. The main responsibilities of this position involve collecting, translating, and maintaining data within multiple databases. Finally, performing full-performance level statistical and spatial analysis.

  • Work with more complex types of data, which involves using multiple modeling techniques to create geospatial surfaces.
  • Design new databases and developing new methods of representing data.
  • Develop and recommend standards for GIS data development and cartography.
  • Train employees/users in GIS concepts.
  • Provides and presents reports, maps and charts of data displayed by geographical region for analysis and presentation to the public and agency staff, and generates statistical analysis on data provided by agencies.
  • Applies spatial interpolation techniques to create geostatistical surfaces, streets or facility networks that can be modeled, analyzed and applied to routine problems, and uses modeling methods to answer questions and solve problems.
  • Use spatial autocorrelation to measure association of geographic features.
  • Installs and reviews desktop software and provides technical support in a formal or informal help desk setting to users with common problems on database issues and legacy software including logging, troubleshooting, resolving, or referring problems to the appropriate information technology resource.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Assists with the design, development, loading and maintenance of spatial databases to enable statistical analysis, geographic analysis and mapping using GIS software. Interprets aerial photographs and satellite data to prepare new GIS data sets, and inputs spatial features into GIS databases by utilizing methodologies such as trace digitizing, coordinate geometry (COGO), surveyor notations and graphic input into digital formats.
  • Interprets existing spatial data and applies the appropriate mathematical and data conversion techniques to project, re-project, transform, rubber-sheet, conflate and accurately register it to company coordinates.
  • Updates and maintains existing map collections and applies data for map production, quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedures, problem solving and analysis and assigns geographic coordinates to addresses and inputs the data into GIS systems for analysis.
  • Uses Global Positioning System (GPS), wireless GIS systems and field visits to collect or verify the accuracy of GIS data.
  • Assists with quality control procedures such as file integrity, positional and dimensional accuracy and metadata documentation.
  • Documents and logs metadata for data and database warehouses and assists with the quality control procedures for file integrity, workflow analysis and position and dimensional accuracy.

Sample Senior GIS Analyst Job Description for Staffing

The Senior GIS Systems Analyst’s has 5+ years of experience and their role is to perform intermediate level professional work. Additionally, they analyze, refine and document the business requirements of the company. Furthermore, they aid in the development, implementation and production of integrated technology software systems. This position creates functional and technical specifications for systems to meet business requirements. Meanwhile, ensuring the integrity of the technical design process. Most importantly, this role will serve as an authoritative technical resource on specific business requirements and information needs of assigned customer departments and agencies in any phase of the application and system development life cycles.

  • Plans and performs business process analysis of standard and well-established business activities and functions in assigned departments and agencies and contributes to the subsequent design and implementation or improvement of integrated technology solutions. This includes gathering and analyzing data in support of business cases, proposed projects, and systems requirements.
  • Generating and compiling reports based on their findings, complete with probable causes and possible solutions to systems issues.
  • Apply proven communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills to help maximize the benefit of IT system investments.  Research and analyze data in support of business functions, process knowledge, and systems requirements.
  • Generate and compile reports based on findings, complete with recommended new or improvements to business processes and operational procedures.

Sample GIS Developer Job Description for Staffing

The GIS Developer has 3-5 years of experience and are responsible for supporting designing, developing, implementing, consulting, and addressing the software or system demands of GIS. Capability developer controls. The developer’s role is to design, code, test, and analyze software programs and applications.

  • Research, design, document software specifications through production lifecycle.
  • Analyze/amend software errors timely and accurately and provide status reports.
  • Creating technical documents and QA/QC technical documents.
  • Responsible for supporting designing, developing, implementing and addressing the software or system demands of GIS ours.
  • Analyzes user requirements, writes specifications and codes, and installs and documents software application programs. Develops or modifies new or existing software applications programs of moderate complexity and scope.
  • Designs, develops, tests, debugs, implements, and prepares flow charts for both new and existing systems to automate end user files and records.
  • Integrates and implements software packages and coordinates training for users.

Sample Senior GIS Developer Job Description for Staffing

The Senior GIS Developer has 7+ years of experience and lead plans, coordinates, and supervises all activities related to the development and integration of software programs and applications into the organization’s information systems.

  • Test the interoperability of application modules under development by in-house software development teams.
  • Consult with users/IT staff to identify problems and design new/existing systems.
  • Assist with the preparation of a timeline and plan for the development/ enhancement of new/existing software application programs.