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Outsourced Service Desk Call Center
Onshore Call Center

Outsourced Call Center

We provide all-in-one outsourced call center for any sized businesses. Our staff is US based and provide quality agents. Our full service call center is designed for IT service desk and customer care answering centers. Reduce costs and improve quality with the ideal outsourced call center solution.

Comprehensive Call Center Personalized To Your Business

Contact Us or Call 720-722-2385 to speak to a team member today.


US-Based Call Center Providing 24/7 Service

All of our team members are US-based with strong communication and customer service skills.

We have multiple locations in the US with agents in different regions to ensure we provide constant support for our clients.

Tier2Tek Call Center - IT Support Staffing

Dedicated Team For Your Organization

When you work with us, you will have a dedicated team taking all your calls. Based on the volume of calls, we will provide the appropriate resources to handle all calls.

This team will grow with your organization and you can rely on us to manage all Tier 1 incidents.

KPI & Metric Reporting

Metrics are important data and are used to understand overall performance. We will provide data based on your criteria and key performance indicators. Ultimately, our goal will be to perfect the service based on periodic metrics.

Outsourced Call Center Metrics
Outsourced Call Center Disaster Recovery

Ideal For Disaster Recovery Strategy

Having your service desk outsourced with Tier2Tek allows you to mitigate disasters. We have multiple locations and mobile options to always be ready to support your customers.

Quality CRM Professionals

We are experienced with troubleshooting and always providing detailed notes for all tickets.

Additionally, we ensure our agents have great communication skills and a friendly approach to every call.

Outsourced Call Center Quality
IT Staffing Tier Call Center

IT Service Desk

Outsource your IT Service Desk with our dedicated call center. Specialists will be assigned only to your account.

Customer Care Calls

Call center for customer service and addressing customer concerns.

Answering Services

Simple answering service for your organization that filters telemarketers.

Knowledge base

Based on your requirements, we will start building a knowledge base of answers to common questions.

Newest Technology

We use the latest and most efficient technology to provide our clients the best service possible.

24/7 Always On

We can provide 24 hour service based in the US. We work with you to find the best option.

Phone Support

Our call centers take calls, troubleshoot and resolve customer concerns.

Chat Support

We can use chat sessions to resolve customer inquiries.

Email Communication

Professional communication and following up on all customer concerns.


All work is documented. Our staff is trained to document everything.

Ticketing System

We can adopt your ticketing system or use our own to track all work and provide metrics.

Dedicated Contact Center

Agents are assigned only to your account so they become experts at supporting your business.