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The main responsibility of the role is to plan and coordinate travel for clients or company employees.

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What Does a Travel Agent Do

Need a financial specialist to help put together traveling packages for your company or potential clients? Need a travel expert to plan and coordinate entire trips? You are looking for Travel Agent staffing.

Overall, the Travel Agent is asked to plan the entirety of a trip. From working with financial budgets to planning flights, rental cars, and hotel stays, the Travel Agent works to schedule an entire trip.

The difference in Travel Agent duties depends on their clientele. Some companies keep an agent on staff to permanently create trips for staff, remote staff, visiting clients, or other company-related trips.

On the other hand, there are travel agents that work entirely with customers, helping plan vacations for any client.

Example Responsibilities

  • Works with the company to coordinate flights for customer visits, which may require booking more expensive flights and purchasing seat assignments.
  • Coordinates travel for the Sales Career Program; including the interviewees
  • Coordinates any ground airport transportation as needed.
  • Schedules corporate aircraft trips as needed, confirm ground transportation, and hotels, and communicates with passengers and pilots as needed.
  • Communicates policy information regarding domestic travel.
  • Establishes billing arrangements for specific hotels and rental cars.
  • Works in IAR to manage the weekly ARC reporting.
  • Assists in the reconciliation of the airline American Express monthly billing.
  • Enters invoices and manages profiles in the travel department accounting system.

Average Salary

According to GlassDoor, the average salary for a Travel Agent is $51,118 a year.

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