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The main responsibility of the role is to maintain the integrity and operations of traffic equipment.

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What Does a Traffic Technician Do

We often find ourselves screaming obscenities while being stuck at traffic lights. From the average stoplight to train crossings and yields, traffic operations can seem like a hassle. But, it’s important to remember the defining safety that underlines all traffic technology. Without it, driving would be a dangerous endeavor.

But who makes sure that the technology is operating successfully? Who replaces the traffic light bulbs, repairs stopping arms, and fixes controllers? That’s the Traffic Technician, the underrated hero of driving safety.

If you are looking for an engineer that can troubleshoot and fix traffic lights, accompanying electrical lines, and other public work traffic tech, you need Traffic Technician staffing.

Example Responsibilities

  • Operates and works from a bucket truck from considerable heights while installing, maintaining, and inspecting street lighting and traffic signals. 
  • Replaces fixtures, rewires arms, and taps into 240 volt/amps secondary electrical lines.
  • Re-lamps traffic signals, straightens heads, and repairs visors. Programs and makes timing changes in traffic signal controllers. Maintains school signals and timing devices.
  • Assembles new traffic signals, runs conduit across highways, and installs concrete bases for mast arms and pedestal poles. Wires control cabinets, installs signals, and initiates the operation of the signals at intersections according to required specifications.
  • Maintains stock of parts, tools, and equipment in the truck and provides routine maintenance on the truck.
  • Operates tools, equipment, and vehicles in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Completes routine forms relating to work completed and materials used.
  • Performs work of lower classifications as necessary.
  • Acts as a lead worker when working with employees of a lower classification.
  • Is on call for emergencies involving street light and traffic signal trouble work to repair hazardous highway conditions.
  • May be assigned to other Public Works divisions to perform required duties.

Average Salary

According to GlassDoor, the average salary for a Traffic Technician is $41,063 a year.

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