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Systems Test Engineer
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The main responsibility of this role is to perform diagnostics on systems and programs.

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What Does a Systems Test Engineer Do?

Looking for an IT specialist that can help test hardware and software currently in production? You are looking for Systems Test Engineer staffing.

Overall, the Systems Test Engineer is the main problem solver on a production team. When a business or organization is looking to create a new hardware or software product, they need to make sure everything is as efficient and smooth as possible. The Test Engineer is the backbone of the development team, helping identify and solve issues with the new product.

Furthermore, this role may involve creating automated scripts or tactics to test new products. Then the Test Engineer overlooks the symptoms for possible solutions. They are the key point to product reform.

Finally, the Systems Test Engineer reports their findings to higher-ups. They may be involved in multiple points throughout a production cycle and work with multiple teams of engineers.


  • Firstly, performs test execution. Then develops and reviews test documentation. Finally, oversees the execution of subsystem and system-level tests.
  • Furthermore, documents test results and test discrepancies.
  • Leads troubleshooting efforts.
  • Provides technical guidance to test team members and other teams.
  • Moderates multi-disciplinary groups to prioritize test plans and test procedures that acknowledge technical, schedule, and cost constraints.
  • Meets functional and technical specifications and standards.
  • Helps create solutions for hardware/software interface problems and ensures integration of the entire system or subsystem through test product execution.
  • Coordinates subsystem and/or system testing activities with support organizations.
  • Performs briefs of test status or discrepancies to customer representatives or program management.
  • Works within a fast-paced production operations environment that will include 24/7 support and travel to support full lifecycle operations.