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The main responsibility of the role is to teach and work with students with physical and mental disabilities.

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What Does a Special Education Teacher Do?
Why Do You Need Special Education Staffing?

Looking for an expert to help teach and work with students with disabilities? You are looking for Special Education staffing.

Firstly, the Special Education teacher is a master of teaching and communicating with students that have disabilities. Consequently, these disabilities may involve mental, physical, learning, and emotional. The range of disabilities is impossible to dictate and predict, but the Special Education teacher knows how to handle all of them accordingly.

Furthermore, they are specialists in the subjects at hand, helping teach the students accordingly. Whether working with students personally in a normal classroom or overseeing group education in a designated area, the teacher knows how to address and teach the students regardless of their disabilities.

Example Responsibilities for Special Education Staffing

  • Overall, effectively differentiates instruction based on an array of student needs.
  • Firstly, contributes to school-wide support for all students by working closely with classroom teachers, coaches, and service providers in order for students to become increasingly successful.
  • Secondly, keeps track of the individual progress of students with disabilities.
  • Thirdly, provides ongoing support for the parents of students with disabilities, informing them of student progress and keeping the lines of communication open by participating in family chats and workshops throughout the school year.
  • Finally, develops IEPs, implements goals, facilitates IEP annual meetings, and complies with special education rules and regulations.
  • Designs and implements differentiated assessments that measure progress toward Common Core standards.
  • Designs and facilitates the implementation of Behavior Intervention Plans.
  • Participates in collaborative curriculum development, grade-level teacher teams, and school-wide functions.
  • Tutors individual students.
  • Reviews data and student progress regularly via an electronic learning management system.
  • Participates in a late summer staff orientation and professional development series of workshops.