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Tier2Tek Staffing provides recruitment solutions for Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installer Staffing.
The main responsibility of the role is to work to implement and troubleshoot systems in corporate buildings.

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What Does a Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installer Do

There is more to security and fire systems than just slapping cameras and detectors on the wall. Implementing systems into your business (or your customers’) buildings is an intricate process that takes both time and expertise.

If you are in need of a specialist to install, troubleshoot, and maintain security or fire systems in your company building or your clients’ buildings, you need Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installer staffing.

Overall, the role does exactly as the title entails. They work to make sure all systems are up to code and safe for future usage. Don’t play around with your security systems and fire safety, hire an expert.

Example Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with customers to plan and execute installation, programming, service, repair, or Fire Marshall inspection projects.
  • Pull wire, calibrate equipment, and troubleshoot issues during installation, repair, and service calls.
  • Has the ability to determine and remedy system issues with little-or-no supervision.
  • Requests parts as needed to complete projects.
  • Verifies equipment and system functionality by testing signals.
  • Tests systems as required by NFPA72, contract, or permit.
  • Has knowledge of various fire codes as required by AHJ.
  • Completes service documentation, inspection reports, time cards, etc., and communicates issues.
  • Ensures projects are completed on time.
  • Uses proper safety equipment and procedures.
  • Keeps work areas tidy; clean up at end of the day, returning all equipment/tools to the proper area.

Average Salary

According to GlassDoor, the average salary for a Fire Alarm Technician is $52,809 a year.

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