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The main responsibility of the role is to work in the delivery, shipping, or creation of mail.

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What Does a Postal Service Worker Do

The concept of shipping and mail will never go away, even with the influx of electronic-based technology clambering for a digital-only future. We will always have to ship products, items, and letters. Therefore, we will always need Postal Service Worker staffing.

Overall, Postal Service Worker is a broad term. Often, it refers to any role within the mailing and shipping industry. This could include a customer service representative for a post office, a truck driver that carries packages across state lines, a mail person who delivers letters to residential homes and other buildings, and a worker who helps sort mail.

Consequently, there are a plethora of roles within the shipping and mailing industry.

Example Responsibilities

  • Jobs may include Window Clerk, Mail Handler, Mail Processor, and Mail Carrier.
  • Takes advantage of the help provided to ensure you are placed and placed quickly.
  • Is responsible for sorting mail of all classes in delivery sequence for the assigned area or route.
  • Manages undeliverable mail according to postal regulations and laws.
  • Delivers mail to businesses and residences on an assigned route.
  • Retrieves mail from relay boxes and customer roadside boxes as needed.
  • Tracks deliveries as instructed using a portable electronic scanner.
  • The Mail Carrier is responsible for delivering and collecting monies and receipts for custom fees, postage due, and C.O.D items.
  • Is also responsible for returning to the post office any mail collected during the assigned route.
  • Provides customers with a change of address and other postal forms as required, as well as general postal information.
  • May perform general clerical duties.
  • Must maintain a clean, neat, and professional appearance which includes wearing the approved uniform.

Average Salary

According to GlassDoor, the average salary for a Postal Service Worker is $50,797 a year.

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