Office and Administrative Support Staffing

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Office and Administrative Support Staffing

Office and Administrative Support - Tier2Tek Staffing

Office and Administrative Support workers act as the backbone of a company’s daily operations.
From handling scheduling and customer complaints to cleaning and organizing. They are the managers of the office space.
Tier2Tek is here to help with all of your office and administrative support staffing needs.

Working With Tier2Tek Staffing

At Tier2Tek Staffing, we have years of experience as an employment agency. From direct hire to high-volume, we have worked within every industry and volume. Let us put together an exceptional team that will lead to future success for your business.

Sourcing Candidates for Your Specific Criteria

We believe that the best employee should fit your company’s culture and ideals. Therefore, we take the time to learn everything about your company before hiring. With this plethora of information, we are able to find the best available candidates that match your workforce. Like putting together an intricate puzzle, we take the time to make sure every piece fits.

Recruitment Process

Once we learn everything about your company, we begin the recruiting and vetting process. We search our database of prescreened candidates to find the best administrative matches available. If we don’t already know the perfect fit, we will post your job on boards and other sites. We will then complete the screening and interviewing process for all applicants.

Our Speed and Accuracy

We look to bring you the top 2% of applicants within three days of working with us. If you are unsatisfied with the employees we provide, we will restart the process with no extra fees. We aren’t compensated until you are satisfied.

Office and Administrative Support Positions We Recruit For