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The main responsibility of the role is to oversee the use of anesthesia on patients.

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What Does a Nurse Anesthetist Do

Surgeons get all the fame!

Though the process of surgery is both painstaking and impressive, there’s more to it than the doctor at hand. There are a plethora of safety measures and specialists that go into performing work, including anesthesia. If you are looking for an expert on the specific and crucial science of anesthesia, you need Nurse Anesthetist staffing!

Overall, the Nurse Anesthetist provides pain relief through anesthesia during, before, and after surgery takes place. This process involves a multitude of factors and cares to make sure the anesthesia is distributed safely.


  • Firstly, performs and documents the pre-anesthesia assessment and evaluation of the patient.
  • Secondly, reviews, requests, and orders (as permitted by state law) laboratory/diagnostic studies.
  • Thirdly, acquires informed consent for anesthesia and related services.
  • Overall, selects, acquires, orders, and administers pre-anesthetic medication or treatment.
  • Develops and implements anesthesia care plan.
  • Selects, acquires, prepares, and uses equipment, invasive and non-invasive monitors, supplies, and drugs for the administration of sedation, anesthesia, and pain management services; performs safety checks as needed.
  • Performs all aspects of airway management, including fiberoptic intubation.
  • Facilitates emergence and recovery from anesthesia by evaluating patient response and selecting, ordering, and administering medications, fluids, and ventilatory support to maintain patient stability during transfer.
  • Initiates and administers post-anesthesia pharmacological or fluid support of the cardiovascular system.
  • Evaluates the patient’s response to anesthesia and surgery; takes appropriate corrective action during the post-anesthesia period.
  • Provides post-anesthesia follow-up evaluation and care.
  • Discharges the patient from the post-anesthesia care unit.
  • Implements acute and chronic pain management modalities.
  • Leads emergency situations by assessing, stabilizing, and determining the disposition of patients, including providing airway management, administration of emergency drugs and fluids, and using basic and advanced cardiac life support techniques.

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