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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Company provides solutions for Microbiologist staffing.
The main responsibility of the role is to stu
dy the behavior and effects of microorganisms.

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What Does a Microbiologist Do

Ever wonder how the study of living organisms can be applied to common problems and questions? Looking for an expert in all things living? Looking for a scientist that can work to study and analyze microorganisms? You are looking for Microbiologist staffing.

The Microbiologist often works in a lab to study and perform experiments on smaller living organisms. For example, the scientist may study bacteria, parasites, algae, fungi, or viruses. This study may lead to new reports, medications, vaccines, or other products revolving around the questions microbiology answers.

Furthermore, this work may involve creating and testing new medications or compounds and medications and conducting clinical trials for client companies.

Example Responsibilities for Microbiologist Staffing

  • Performs microbiological analysis of food and environmental samples using conventional plating techniques as well as PCR and ELISA instrumentation.
  • Identifies microorganisms by microscopic examination of physiological and cultural characteristics.
  • Performs cultural confirmations for pathogens.
  • Ensures accurate and complete traceability and documentation of testing activities performed, including result entry.
  • Reviews result for accuracy and suitability prior to approval, initiating additional testing per client requests if required.
  • Identifies, communicates, and documents non-conformities with samples, instrumentation, and methodologies, assisting with troubleshooting as assigned.
  • Assists with method verification activities as directed by assigned staff.
  • Performs routine and non-routine instrument maintenance and routine troubleshooting.
  • Ensures client expectations for turnaround time are met, communicating with Lead Microbiologists and Supervisor on status or potential delays.
  • Reviews controlled documents and procedures
  • Provides training for other laboratory staff.
  • Participates in quality system activities, including maintenance of test and training records.
  • Identifies and assists with the implementation of process improvements
  • Adheres to lab safety procedures and reporting standards.
  • Follows written Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions.