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The main responsibility of the role is to apply mathematical theories to help solve company-related problems.

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What Does a Mathematician Do

Math is in everything we do. A majority of our existence as a species, from practicality to nature, is dictated by mathematical formulas. Furthermore, most people despise the idea of mathematics. It’s often seen as the most difficult facet of modern life. Fortunately, there are experts out there who love math, helping create theories and solutions for an abundance of problems.

Overall, Mathematicians are experts in the creation and usage of mathematical formulas. This work can apply to a plethora of industries. From game design to business analytics, Mathematicians can find ways to improve products and solutions for any type of business.

If you are looking for a math expert to help solve problems for your business, government, science sector, design sector, or engineering production, you are looking for Mathematician staffing.

Example Responsibilities for Mathematician Staffing

  • Exercises discretion and independent judgment writing and testing production code; implements mathematical logic for problem determination to match specifications of math design.
  • Customarily and regularly develops mathematical and statistical models for products. Tests table math models for functionality and adherence to specifications.
  • Independently works with cross-functional teams ensuring correct implementation of math and answering questions about math implementation.
  • Develops and generates theoretical par sheets demonstrating gaming probabilities and mathematical payout of production via calculation and/or simulation.
  • Customarily and regularly uses proprietary tools for generating solutions and code.
  • Works in prototyping modeling solutions.
  • Interacts with software developers to implement solutions.
  • Prepares technical reports, presentations, and other finished products, ensuring the quality and timeliness of deliverables.

Average Salary

According to GlassDoor, the average salary for a Mathematician is $109,779 a year.

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