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Tier2Tek Recruitment and Staffing Agency provides solutions for Market Research Analyst staffing.
The main responsibility of the role is to help businesses create plans based on the surrounding competition.

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What Does a Market Research Analyst Do?

Looking for a business specialist to help close the gap between your business and consumers? Market Research Analyst staffing.

Firstly, the Research Analyst takes a look at the surrounding market. They look at, crunch, and report on statistics based on competitors in your business’ field. After analyzing the numbers, they work with a company’s higher-ups to help create useful and efficient plans to increase the proficiency and sales of a business.

Secondly, the Market Research Analyst works to view and examine a company’s customer base. This work may include collecting data on sales and advertising, measuring the effectiveness of programs, and completing customer surveys. With this information, the Analyst can then help craft possible solutions and moves to help better the company’s success.

Henceforth, the Market Research Analyst is a major key to a company’s success. They work to figure out the best possible strategies to improve sales, advertising, and customer relations.


  • Firstly, performs business requirements gathering, analysis, requirements synthesis, and creation of requirements documentation from business functional users for solutions.
  • Secondly, facilitates requirements workshops and develops process flows and use cases. (Data mapping, data extraction, transformation rules, and load procedures needed to populate info objects).
  • Ability to help define requirements from business functional users for back-end solutions.
  • Overall, responsibilities include business process mapping of service, transaction and information flows, assessment of as-is processes through customer interviews, data collection and analysis, design and evaluation of to-be process solutions, mapping of operational architecture, building business case models, preparing and presenting analysis to the customer, etc.
  • Finally, maps core business processes using a structured methodology and/or business process mapping tools to facilitate projects, programs, and efficiency planning.
  • Performs business requirements gathering, analysis, requirements synthesis, and creation of requirements documentation.
  • Prioritizes and performs requirements/complexity assessment.
  • Provides definitions of criteria for their analysis.