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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Company provides solutions for Logging Equipment Operator.
The main responsibility of this role is to use machinery to assist in logging ventures.

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What Does a Logging Equipment Operator Do?

Looking for a certified expert to help operate machinery for logging jobs? You are looking for Logging Equipment Operator staffing.

Firstly, the logging industry surrounds the production, shaping, and maintenance of trees. From cutting down trees for paper-based productions to shearing misshapen trees, logging surrounds anything involving… Well. Logs!

Therefore, the Logging Equipment Operator is a specialist in all utilities in the field. They specialize in using large machinery like log loaders, delimbers, feller bunchers, and stump grinders. Whether cutting down trees or moving large loads of logs, the Operator knows how to do it all.

While this position may not require a specific certification, it does require previous professional training, experience, and comprehension of each machine. An understanding of the field, physical strength, and ability to follow safety protocols are often seen as top qualifications.


  • Firstly, focuses on setting up, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting manufacturing production (i.e., machining, processing, assembly, or packaging) equipment including Operating machine tools, chemical processing, assembly, or packaging equipment to manufacture products according to production specifications, schedules, volume/cost/wastage targets, and quality standards.
  • Secondly, moves packages and sorts raw materials or finished goods.
  • Thirdly, monitors the quality of output to identify, discard, or re-manufacture faulty products.
  • Overall, maintains accurate daily production records as input to manufacturing performance analysis and examines production materials for processing.
  • Operates all equipment and processes.
  • Monitors machine parameters and troubleshoots processing problems.
  • Performs duties while wearing personal protective equipment.
  • Works across temperature zones that may include cold and/or hot environments for extended periods and may include work in environments where dust is present.
  • Shift schedules usually include days, nights, and weekends, some holidays, and periodic overtime.