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Legal Staffing

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The world of law can be tough to navigate. If you or your business are unaware of the intricacies of law and practice,
you can find yourself facing setbacks. Therefore, let Tier2Tek find you the best legal professionals in the country.
We are here for all of your legal staffing needs.

Working with Tier2Tek Staffing

What puts Tier2Tek Staffing above other employment agencies? It’s our dedication to your business and success. Ultimately, we take the time to care for each client we serve. Regardless of what industry you work in, we pride ourselves on finding quality applicants for you.

Sourcing Candidates for Your Specific Criteria

Our process begins through understanding and communication. We assign every client a dedicated account manager. This experienced recruiter takes the time to learn everything about your company and open positions. Overall, the perfect employee must fit a company’s culture and ideals. To find these candidates, we must understand the entirety of your business and established workforce. We take the time to do so.

Recruitment Process

After learning everything about your company, we look through our prescreened database of candidates. We look to help you employ the top 2% of applicants. If we don’t already have the perfect match, we will begin the recruiting process. We post your job on boards and all accompanying sites. Afterward, we begin the interviewing and screening process. We follow through with all interviews.

Our Speed and Accuracy

We look to bring you the best available candidates within three days of reaching out to us. If you are unsatisfied with the applicants we bring you, we will restart the process free of charge.

Legal staffing is set to grow around 14% by 2030, making vetting competition tough. Let us handle it for you.

Legal Positions We Recruit For

Title Examiner

The Tile Examiner overlooks the validity of a property title. They can pick out and identify all intricate facets of the rulings. While lawyers can always cover the basics of selling property, sometimes they need assistance. They will then call upon a Title Examiner.

Patent Administrator

The Patent Administrator works through every process of creating a legal patent. Firstly, they draft up documents for clients and patent officers to sign. Then they oversee contracts, witness interviews and pleading efforts


Need a law expert to oversee the ruling of a dispute or legal decision? An Adjudicator acts as a judge for small hearings.

Patent Attorney

A Patent Attorney can overlook the validity of a patent and patent-related disputes. They are also able to distribute patents.

Compliance Examiner

Following all specific rulings and legal criteria for a business can be confusing. A Compliance Examiner oversees your company’s standards.

Legal Counsel

Need help navigating law? The Legal Counsel is here to give you legal advice and help make decisions.


A Paralegal is a trained professional in their specific field of law. While they are not as trained as a lawyer, they can provide legal services for a company.

Law Firm Administrator

The Law Firm Administrator acts as a manager for the law firm office itself. They oversee scheduling, client information and other tasks.