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Information Governance Analyst
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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Company provides solutions for Information Governance Analyst staffing.
The main responsibility of this role is to manage the integrity and efficiency of a company’s information flow.

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What Does an Information Governance Analyst Do?

If you are looking for an expert in data that focuses on the integrity and efficiency of data transferring within your company, you are looking for Information Governance Analyst staffing.

Firstly, the Information Governance Analyst can work within a variety of industries. From technical companies to financial service agencies, if a company needs agency information transferable and safe, they need an Information Governance Analyst.

Ultimately, the Information Governance Analyst supports and maintains the storage of physical and electronic data. Secondly, they administer the data’s mobility process. They are also responsible for working with a company to employ a strategic plan that relates to the management of client information. Furthermore, this plan may involve the organization of outbound and inbound information and the efficient application of established retention practices in accordance with the company’s policy.

Example Responsibilities for Information Governance Staffing

  • Coordinates and facilitates the creation of data definitions, policies, standards, and processes.
  • Firstly, applies diverse business knowledge when analyzing data-based problems.
  • Secondly, performs impact analysis and coordinates the execution of change processes.
  • Thirdly, creates data governance and quality metrics.
  • Furthermore, supports governance principles and policies within a project’s lifecycle.
  • Analyzes and identifies data sources and data redundancy and implements processes to remediate data issues and/or data clean-up efforts.
  • Identifies data quality opportunities and drives adherence to data governance and quality initiatives.
  • Reviews potential system enhancements and implements them if necessary.
  • Serves as a data domain expert.
  • Designs and delivers efficient and effective data processes.
  • Develops and maintains strong business relationships with applicable teams.
  • Collaborates with IT and business teams, acting as the central contact in regard to anything data-related.
  • Analyzes problems and diagnose issues. Fixes and reports them when possible.
  • Participates in or leads data activities in support of strategic initiatives and projects.
  • Provides mentorship and formal training to increase data literacy.
  • Then presents findings and solutions to the executive level and creates solution reports.