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The role’s main responsibility is handling customer service inquiries and sales for health insurance companies.

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What Does a Health Insurance Representative Do

Looking for a customer service expert to help with client inquiries and issues? Looking for a health insurance specialist who is able to answer and record any questions? You are looking for Health Insurance Representative staffing.

Overall, the Health Insurance Representative acts as a help desk agent and customer service rep. If your company sells or enrolls customers in health insurance, you need a representative on standby. Henceforth, the rep is skilled and experienced in handling customer issues, questions, and technical inquiries. They are able to soothe upset customers, walk clients through technical support and sell insurance via cold calls.


  • Overall, handles inbound calls with the goal of telephonic enrollment once customer answers questions about benefits and eligibility.
  • Secondly, supports clients who have different benefits plans available and use client-specific online resources to answer questions, direct callers to appropriate contact, and enroll or educate them.
  • Thirdly, troubleshoots website issues and follows up with callers.
  • Authenticates calls to confirm the correct person is on the line and documents information in the appropriate system.
  • Communicates effectively and answers questions about insurance plans.
  • Gathers information and sets up paperwork and documents to send to licensed insurance agents. 
  • Has the opportunity to become a licensed health insurance agent (recommended).
  • Finally, helps consumers understand how health insurance works.
  • Enrolls consumers in health coverage.

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