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The main responsibility of the role is to distinguish agricultural products based on defining factors.

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What Do Graders and Sorters Do?

Looking for an agricultural product specialist to help define and sort unprocessed products? You are looking for Graders and Sorters staffing.

Firstly, the Grader and Sorter is an expert on the agricultural product you are processing. Whether raw milk, eggs, apples, or corn, the Grader and Sorter knows everything there is to know about the product. Therefore, they are able to identify and determine the size, weight, type, and condition of products. After evaluating these crops and products, the materials may then be taken for further processing.

An integral part of the agricultural production process, the Grader and Sorter is there to make sure products are of quality and meet all specifications before further manufacturing.


  • Firstly, the position is responsible for conducting plant survey inspections of applicable processing plants by evaluating plant premises, equipment, operations, and products. This determines obedience to official specifications, requirements, and eligibility for official plant approval status.
  • Overall, performs grading and inspection of products.
  • Conducts evaluations of facilities, processing equipment, processing and packaging methods, sanitation procedures, and quality improvement programs.
  • Secondly, prepares detailed, complex inspection reports that cover a large number of items in each inspection.
  • Thirdly, selects samples of product for test weighing and for container and product quality examination. Prepares samples for transmittal to designated laboratory for chemical and bacteriological analysis.
  • Checks the accuracy of scales for weighing and establishes an accurate tare weight of packaging material.
  • Applies and interprets official standards, contract specifications, and instructions in the inspection or grading of products.
  • Makes decisions and interprets quality system documentation as it relates to generic or program-specific standards.
  • Inspects the product at the time of loading in order to identify the commodity as that which was previously inspected and found to meet the quality requirements of the contract or specification.
  • Assures that oral and written communications are bias-free and that differences between other employees and clients are respected and valued.
  • Plans, schedules and conducts investigations according to established procedures.
  • Identifies and determines the cause of common defects of these products or product types.
  • Grades any agricultural products and/or inspecting, storing, packaging, transporting, and processing conditions.