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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Agency provides solutions for Firmware Test Engineer staffing.
The main responsibility of this role is to review and troubleshoot firmware before it is finalized within a hardware product.

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What Does a Firmware Test Engineer Do?

If you are looking to create a hardware product that involves software etched directly (firmware), you are looking for Firmware Test Engineer staffing.

Firstly, the Firmware Test Engineer is a specialist in the integration and troubleshooting of firmware for a software product. They work directly with hardware teams to orchestrate and incorporate ideas and efforts into creating the perfect product. Furthermore, they have extensive knowledge of coding and software development. They are fluent in a variety of coding languages and know how to test firmware with efficiency.

During the firmware production process, The Firmware Test Engineer looks to troubleshoot and solve any problems that arise. They then report to the hardware production team to help integrate and solve any ongoing issues.

Example Responsibilities for Firmware Test Engineer Staffing

  • Firstly, develops test cases and infrastructure to validate and verify firmware for applicable hardware.
  • The tests are then used to verify reliability, endurance, and performance requirements for the client market.
  • Works closely with firmware test engineers, firmware developers, system hardware design engineers, and production engineers to solve cross-functional design issues.
  • Creates test plans, defines testing methods, specifies required interfaces, designs test algorithms, and writes test scripts to verify the implementation of an individual firmware module and its correct operation when it is integrated into the full product firmware.
  • Tests firmware in a variety of situations including simulations, FPGA prototyping, and prototype hardware.
  • Develops testing methods to verify and validate firmware products.
  • Develops automated testing procedures and infrastructure to improve coverage and efficiency.
  • Creates test plans and strategies to improve firmware quality and test coverage.
  • Analyzes performance and quality data related to firmware products.
  • Establishes working relationships with firmware development engineers to improve code quality.