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The main responsibility of the role is to oversee the functionality of firewalls on applications.

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What is F5 WAF?

WAF stands for Web Application Firewall. F5 WAF is a firewall created by F5 Networks, a security software company based out of Seattle, Washington.

Overall, a WAF works to monitor and block HTTP traffic in regard to a web service. Henceforth, the WAF protects a web application from malicious traffic and attacks.

What Does an F5 WAF Security Engineer Do

Looking for a security expert to implement F5 WAF security measures into your web application? You are looking for F5 WAF Security Engineer staffing.

Consequently, the Security Engineer is a specialist in all things F5 software. Henceforth, they can work to implement F5 WAF into your applications, monitor it and be available for security measures if a cyberattack occurs. They are the backbone of the cybersecurity team for a company that uses F5’s WAF and can design and install the firewall onto any correlating applications.

Example Responsibilities

  • Overall, plans, designs, develops, implements, and operates F5 products such as LTM, ASM, BIG-IQ, and APM.
  • Firstly, manages the configuration of multiple physical and virtual F5 across multiple data centers.
  • Secondly, develops scripts and tools to automate the configuration of a large number of network security devices distributed across multiple data centers.
  • Proposes and implements system enhancements that will improve the performance and reliability of the network security infrastructure.
  • Applies capacity planning configuration changes as demanded by the business.
  • Addresses performance, scalability, and service architecture administration issues.
  • Designs, installs, configures, and maintains network security services, equipment, and devices.
  • Plans and supports network security infrastructure.
  • Provides clear technical documentation and written procedures for issues identified and addressed.
  • Monitors and troubleshoots platform and OS-based problems, network security infrastructure, and connectivity issues.
  • Anticipates potential problems and acts to minimize the impact they may have on the project or unit.
  • Has the ability to collaborate with different technology towers to achieve common goals.

Average Salary

According to GlassDoor, the average salary for a Security Engineer is $117,146 a year.

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