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Computer and Workstation Setup
Remote Office Advancement

Computer And Workstation Setup

When companies need a remote office or remote workstation set up, they turn to Tier2Tek Staffing. First, our team of provisioning staff will show up on site, unbox all equipment and install all workstations per client’s request. In addition, the provisioning team can update user profiles as requested by the IT Manager. Finally, all of our provisioning staff go through extensive background checks and are insured through our company. Rest assured, our provisioning team will setup your remote office with quality and care.

For Experienced Computer And Workstation Setup Staffing

Email us or call us at (720) 722-2385.

Tier2Tek is a national computer and workstation setup staffing agency. Tier2Tek Staffing has been helping businesses set up workstations across the country for years. First, let us know the location and how many workstations your organization needs.

Next, we assign a Provisioning Specialist to your remote location who will coordinate the computer build-outs with your IT Manager.

Our company specializes in working with mid-to-enterprise-level organizations. Therefore, we need a minimum of 50 build-outs or more.

Many organizations build additional offices away from headquarters. Our Provisioning Staff will make sure your workstations are all set up correctly at the remote location. Email us or call us at (720) 722-2385 for more information.

What Does a Computer And Workstation Setup Provisioning Specialist Do?

Computer and Workstation Setup Provisioning Specialists set up workstations by the hundreds. When a company expands to a new location, they need countless workstations built out for their users. Our staffing agency will have a supervisor on site that will coordinate all the build-outs and image all the computers.

Based on the quantity of computers and workstations that need to be setup, we will assign several employees to work with the onsite supervisor. By doing so, we will ensure all workstations are assembled correctly and in a timely manner. If there are other provisioning roles that your organization needs, please contact us and let us know more about your project. In addition to workstation build-outs, we have many other areas that the provisioning team can assist with.

Sample Job Description for Workstation Setup Specialist

The Provisioning Specialist unboxes, assembles and sets up workstations for new hires. The Provisioning Specialist makes sure that all equipment is set up with care and in a timely manner. In addition, they must work with the IT management team to coordinate installs and update the inventory in the asset management system.

Moreover, they may be required to assist with moving users’ workstation from one location to another.

Finally, they image workstations the upload user profiles.


  • Unboxes all equipment and stages them for deployment.
  • Sets up workstations and individual desks.
  • Updates user profiles for individual machines.
  • Configures workstations per IT manager instructions.
  • Cable ties loose wires for cleanliness.
  • Tracks inventory and updates in asset management system.
  • Cleans up all trash and breaks down boxes.


  • Attention to detail and hardworking.
  • Excellent customer service skills and positive attitude.
  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • Technical experience with Windows Operating Systems and Mac OS.
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds or more.