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Business and Financial Staffing

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If you are looking for a business or financial employee, you’ve come to the right place.
Ultimately, the sector of work involves the backbone of a company. What is a company without a strong grasp of sales, finances, and other business-related tactics? It’s a crucial department. Let us find the best workers available.

Working with Tier2Tek Staffing

At Tier2Tek Staffing, we have years of experience in the recruitment industry. From direct hire to high-volume, we have worked within every industry and hiring need. With years of experience comes a plethora of applicable knowledge. We know how to bring you the best possible candidates within any timeframe.

When it comes to any business and financial staffing (or any industry, for that matter), we got it.

Sourcing Candidates for Your Specific Criteria

Staffing should not be without communication. To find the best possible candidates, we must understand the ins and outs of your company and your overall needs. Therefore, we take the time to learn about your culture and ideals. We assign every client a dedicated account manager to help throughout the entire process. We aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied.

Recruitment Process

After learning everything about your company and culture, we begin scouring our national database of prescreened candidates to find the best matches. If we can’t find one that fits the bill, we will begin the recruitment process, posting your job listing on multiple job boards. Then, we interview and screen candidates until we find the best ones for your business.

Our Speed and Accuracy

We stand by efficiency and proficiency. We look to bring you the best available candidates within three days. If you aren’t satisfied with the applicants, we will restart the process. Only the top 2% of applicants are sent to our clients. We only bring you the best possible applicants, every time.

Business and Financial Positions We Recruit For

Business Analyst

The number-cruncher of your business or organization. The Business Analyst uses tools and technology to oversee spending and profit, and help create a better business future.

Business Management

As a leader, the Business Manager oversees the entirety of an operation or department. Depending on the industry, the Manager can have a plethora of different roles. Regardless, they are an experienced leader.

Business Continuance

As a specialist, the Business Continuance worker finds weak points in a company or business and finds safety risks in how they run or make decisions.

Personal Finance Advisor

As a financial specialist, the Personal Finance Advisor gives advice and opinions to private and individual clients. From loans to investments, the Advisor can provide any advice.

Financial Examiner

The Financial Examiner is a master of both finances and laws. They oversee your company’s finances, making sure that everything adheres to local and national law.

Loan Officer

If your company distributes or produces loans, the Loan Officer acts as a liaison with loan acceptors. They oversee the administration of loans, approve loans and answer any questions.


Accountants are crucial for any functioning business. Depending on the industry and specific role, the Accountant may have a plethora of different responsibilities. Ultimately, they work to control and maintain a company’s finances.

Budget Analyst

The Budget Analyst acts as a prophet for the future of your business’ profit. They oversee a company’s spending, comparing it to the specific industry market. They look to carve a better future.

Financial Analyst

The jack of all trades within a company’s financial department, the Financial Analyst looks at the entirety of a company’s money and market, helping create a long-term and profitable plan.

Business Intelligence

In a world of technology, the Business Intelligence specialist takes the time to combine technology and financial analysis. They report data mining, performance metrics and benchmarking through visual analytics.

Operations Research Analyst

Overlooks the efficiency and success of your company’s production numbers.

Financial Specialist

Expert on all things related to business finances.

Revenue Agent

Reviews and files tax documents.

Tax Examiner

Makes sure a company’s taxes are in line and ready for auditing.

Insurance Sales Agent

Sells insurance plans to clients and answers customer service inquiries.

e-Commerce Developer

Works to create and install an e-commerce platform into your business.

Workday Consultant

Installs and oversees the usage of Workday in your business.

SEO Analyst

Helps improve and create plans for your company’s internet presence and Search Engine Optimization.


Writes ads and other forms of text for your company.

Content Developer

Creates online content like articles, videos, and other forms of SEO improvements.

Account Planner

Analyst that works to improve your customer relations.

Financial Reporting Analyst

Studies and researches a company’s financial success to improve the future.

Bookkeeping Auditing Clerk

Keeps track of financial books for tax-related inquiries and audits.

Billing and Posting Clerk

Works as a customer service representative for clients with accounts with the company.

Bill and Account Collectors

Contacts customers with outstanding balances on accounts.

Electronic Commerce

Oversees the usage and design of electronic commerce platforms on a business’ web store.


Researches and works to improve the overall operations of a company.