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The main responsibility of the role is to study and analyze living organisms, putting findings into practice.

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What Does a Biochemist Do? Why Have Biochemist Staffing?

Ever wonder how the study of living organisms can be applied to common problems and questions? Looking for an expert in all things living? Looking for a scientist that can work to create, analyze and study medicines and other living solutions? You are looking for Biochemist staffing.

A Biochemist’s role may vary on need. Henceforth, they are masters of everything biology. While describing their purpose could fill a book, we will try to put it simply. Biochemists study living organisms to answer questions about health, genetics, and disease. They may work to create medications, vaccines, or ways to analyze organisms.

While Biochemists and Biophysicists seem similar in concept, there are a few differences. Ultimately, physicists study biology as a whole, answering overarching questions. Chemists study the chemistry of life in a more focused manner.

Example Responsibilities for Biochemist Staffing

  • Performs routine and more complex tasks in the Quality Control laboratory, including testing of in-process, release, and stability samples, execution of method transfer and validation studies, and instrument qualifications.
  • Performs in-process, release, and stability testing of biopharmaceutical test samples in a GMP QC laboratory using a wide variety of technologies, including HPLC/UPLC, capillary electrophoresis (CE-SDS and icIEF), ELISA, and cell-based bioassays.
  • Executes method transfer and validation studies, develops data processing and report templates, and troubleshoots assays and instruments.
  • Authors, reviews, and approves test methods, procedures, specifications, and validation documents.
  • Assists in the onboarding and qualification of new laboratory instruments.
  • Authors user requirement specifications, IOQ protocols, data integrity risk assessments, and operation and maintenance.
  • Mentors and trains analysts on test methods and laboratory procedures, good documentation practices, data review, and other QC quality systems.
  • Leads change controls, investigations, and CAPAs in support of GMP operations.
  • Drives Quality deliverables to closure by agreed-upon due dates.
  • Represents the company during client audits and regulatory inspections.
  • Maintains the laboratory in an inspection-ready state.