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The main responsibility of the role is to create and repair electronic systems within aircraft.

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What Does an Avionics Technician Do

Looking for a specialist to help repair issues in your aircraft? Looking for an engineer to craft electronic systems for your commercial or transportation-based airplanes? You are looking for Avionics Technician staffing.

Overall, the Avionics Technician specializes in the electronic components of airplanes. For example, their work may surround navigational systems, communication devices, radar equipment, and all lighting. Even the installation of televisions may involve Avionics Technicians.

As electronic specialists, the Technician may work to install, fix, troubleshoot, or create systems for aircraft. They may also be asked to document all repairs and installations and help train others on the use of said systems

Example Responsibilities

  • Demonstrates superior technical skills and expertise in avionics and aircraft systems operational testing and troubleshooting. Provides direct training to personnel to support company cross-training goals while ensuring a safety conscience, quality-oriented, skilled workforce.
  • Teaches the installation and functional testing of electrical and avionics components and systems per Engineering specifications, drawings, and maintenance manuals ensuring a defect-free system.
  • Ensures quality and efficiency of all installations: troubleshoots and teaches troubleshooting processes and concepts to provide timely, quality repairs of malfunctioning systems.
  • Demonstrates the skills and knowledge required to effectively and efficiently repair or replace defective components and wiring to ensure installations meet conformity. Demonstrates effective repair techniques using acceptable practices including splicing, soldering, and pinning of wiring.
  • Oversees the performance and compliance with engineering changes and modifications as required.
  • Sets up and operates necessary test equipment.
  • Conducts functional and operational tests to evaluate performance and reliability.
  • Demonstrates through diligent compliance the importance of daily logs and other paperwork. Ensures that all work performed on the aircraft is properly and completely documented.
  • Pre-inspects the work of others prior to submitting to inspection for approval to reduce rework and inspection time.

Average Salary

According to GlassDoor, the average salary for an Avionics Technician is $58,877 a year.

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