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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Company provides solutions for Automotive Mechanic staffing.
The main responsibility of the role is to repair and upkeep automobiles for clients and company usage.

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What Does an Automotive Mechanic Do

Looking for a specialist to help fix and upgrade automobiles? Looking for an expert in all things transportation mechanics? You are looking for Automotive Mechanic staffing.

Overall, the Automotive Mechanic is a master in the specific automotive field with which your company works with. Whether diesel trucks, client cars, or business vans, the Mechanic understands every facet of the vehicle. Therefore, they can work to fix any problem in a timely and successful manner. Whether repairing engines or changing tires, the Mechanic knows every technique needed for car upkeep.

While common knowledge connects Automotive Mechanics to car dealerships and repair shops, the Mechanic may also be a specialist for a company, working on their vehicles exclusively. Regardless of the needs, the Mechanic can do it.

Example Responsibilities for Automotive Mechanic Staffing

  • Services vehicles promptly for routinely scheduled maintenance in accordance with dealer and manufacturer recommendations.
  • Assists customers in repairs for their vehicles. This may involve ordering parts, diagnosing problems, performing vehicle operations tests, and installing new components.
  • Communicates with the supervisor regularly about work performed, necessary changes, new parts needed, or any other concerns.
  • Keeps up with the required knowledge and skills in automotive maintenance by attending workshops, seminars, or other classes to help ensure the work completed is of the highest quality.
  • Maintains a clean working environment on the automotive service floor by putting materials and parts away as work is completed and ensuring the customer’s car is kept neat and orderly throughout the scope of work.
  • Follows all safety requirements and local and federal standards when it comes to disposing of hazardous or toxic materials.
  • Adheres to best practices when working in the automotive service environment by reporting any accidents or incidents to management as soon as possible.