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Asset Management Staffing Agency

Asset Management Staffing

Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Agency provides solutions for Asset Management staffing. The Asset Management Specialists keep accurate track of all inventory including hardware and software.  Their primary responsibility is to ensure that all the assets are accounted for. In summary, they should be able to locate an asset anytime, anywhere. 

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For Experienced Asset Management Staffing

Tier2Tek Staffing Agency has years of experience in staffing IT roles such as the Asset Management Staffing. In addition, we understand asset management takes precise skillsets in order to ensure accurate documentation. Therefore, we look for asset managers who are exceptionally detail oriented. By doing so, we are sure we will find the ideal candidate who has the appropriate skillsets to meet your asset management needs.

What Does an Asset Management Specialist Do?

Companies often have large quantities of hardware and software. It’s important to keep track of purchases and the location of all assets. The asset management team tags and captures the information from the assets and updates them to a company database.

New equipment needs to be tagged with company tracking solutions. The asset management specialist will tag and record information about the asset. Afterward, they will be able to keep track of every asset and where it goes.

For example, if an asset goes missing, they can look it up in the database.  As a result, they can determine its last location and where it was last reported.

Example Responsibilities

  • Make sure quality and timely delivery of SLA requirements.
  • Provide monthly reports on assets.
  • Create documentation of best practices and apply them.
  • Build and apply asset management procedures for hardware and software assets.
  • Must have experience in all procedures for new assets, IMACS, retirements, RMAs, and disposals.
  • Proficiency in organization software assets such as license compliance at the enterprise level.
  • Must be able to obtain relevant data and documents for project objectives and deadlines.
  • Conduct examination and prepare documentation to work on project application.
  • Be very proficient with tools such as MS Access, MS Excel, and asset management databases.