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Assembler and Fabricator
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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Company provides solutions for Assembler and Fabricator staffing.
The main responsibility of the role is to oversee production on an assembly line.

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What Does an Assembler and Fabricator Do

Looking for a specialist to oversee production on an assembly line? Looking for an employee to conduct quality tests on assembly line products? You are looking for Assembler and Fabricator staffing.

Firstly, the Assembler and Fabricators are the eyes and ears on the floor of an assembly line. Overall, they work to make sure the assembly line is creating products that are not only of quality but meet specifications implemented by the company. Ultimately, this work may involve inspecting products, putting together pieces, and using tools to finish production efforts.

Whether your assembly line creates toys, automotive parts, or food materials, the Assembler and Fabricator learn the steps necessary to create the final product.

Example Responsibilities for Assembler and Fabricator Staffing

  • Firstly, performs repetitive and routine tasks as per established standards and as directed by Production Leads and Supervisors.
  • Secondly, is measured against expectations including productivity standards consistent with high product quality.
  • Thirdly, learns assigned tasks and performs manufacturing tasks. This work is always associated with assigned equipment in the assembly and packing operations area.
  • Overall, follows established procedures and guidelines while maintaining compliance with FDA guidelines.
  • Inspects sub-assembly and finished goods for defects to ensure quality standards and specifications are consistently met while maintaining a clean work environment.
  • Has the ability to read, understand and follow standard operating procedures and work instructions.
  • Has the ability to identify common injection molding and assembly line defects.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, and escalate issues to the Production Lead or Supervisor.
  • Performs routine cleaning to minimize particulate and maintain a suitable environment.
  • Exercises good judgment by making sound decisions and escalates issues when appropriate.
  • Maintains attendance in good standing with a good attitude and a positive work environment.