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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Company provides solutions for Agricultural Equipment Operator staffing.
The main responsibility of the role is to use and specialize in equipment needed for agricultural activities.

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What Does an Agricultural Equipment Operator Do?

Looking for an expert in any machinery involved in the agricultural process? Looking for a specialist to operate a tractor, harvester, or seeder? You are looking for Agricultural Equipment Operator staffing.

Firstly, agriculture is work related to the cultivation of soil, maintenance of crops, and growing livestock. Agricultural workers are professionals in all aspects of farming, livestock, and other natural production. Henceforth, from the planting of seeds to the distribution to vendors, Agriculture workers make up any role regarding natural vegetation and products.

Therefore, an Agricultural Equipment Operator is a worker that specializes in the specific equipment used in these processes. While the role is diverse and varies amongst subclasses, any worker that operates large machinery used for agriculture is considered an Agricultural Equipment Operator.

Example Responsibilities for Agricultural Equipment Operator Staffing

Possible responsibilities include:

  • Operates large farm equipment and machinery equipped with GPS for cultivating, tilling, fertilizing, planting, and harvesting grain and oilseed crops such as silage, corn, wheat, milo, etc.
  • Transports crops from field to storage facilities.
  • Operates haying equipment for hay production of swathing, raking, baling, stacking, and transporting from field to storage.
  • Assists with vaccinating, supplementing, and feeding cows and calves (or other livestock).
  • Assists with the birthing of baby calves from mother cows and heifers.
  • Completes maintenance and repairs to water structures, feed bunks, fences, and corrals.
  • Sorting livestock to be taken to market grain bin, auger operation.
  • Drives pickup to obtain parts and supplies.
  • Repairs and maintenance equipment, machinery, and fences.
  • Works to load, fuel, and do infield repairs and maintenance on equipment.
  • Operates augers, scales, grain carts, combines, tractors, baggers, semi-trailer trucks, and sprayers.