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Account Planner and Strategist
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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Company provides solutions for Account Planner and Strategist staffing.
The role’s main responsibility is to maintain all customer-company relationships and create new plans for relationship building.

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What Does an Account Planner and Strategist Do?

Looking for a communications and analytics specialist to help increase your company’s customer relationships? You are looking for Account Planner and Strategist staffing.

Firstly, the Account Planner takes the time to learn about your audience. Whether through statistics or customer outreach, the planner understands the needs and wants of your business’ clientele. After establishing information and analysis about the market, the Planner then works to create strategies. These strategies include campaigns, customer service needs, and brand strategies. Simply put, they work to improve a company’s overall outreach with customers.

The Strategist is an expert on your specific market. Overall, they understand how to market your brand correctly and garner the attention of new clients.

Example Responsibilities for Account Planner and Strategist Staffing

  • Provides business, technical, and product knowledge to post-sale customers in order to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Firstly, addresses questions and technical challenges related to products and software.
  • Integrates customer internal applications and systems with Turn Data Management Platform. They employ various methods, such as Server to Server, Pixel-based API, and Batch
  • Educates clients on how existing and new products work. Demonstrates how it can contribute to business growth or other efficiencies.
  • Monitors accounts to ensure usage, finances, and optimum performance.
  • Frequently conducts and coordinates tactical operations reviews with clients to ensure satisfaction.
  • Acts as the liaison between support teams and clients to ensure client escalations are resolved in due time.
  • Then partners with Account Sales Development teams to find potential clients and build new relationships.
  • Accurately replicates, identifies, and documents software issues with the appropriate tracking system.
  • Performs quarterly Business reviews and assists in product training as needed.
  • Requires fantastic customer service and communication skills.