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Positions We Staff

Positions We Staff at Tier2Tek Staffing

Tier2Tek Staffing, a leader in staffing, recruitment, and direct hire placement, is committed to connecting hiring managers with the most suitable candidates for various positions. Specializing as a recruitment, staffing, and placement agency, we focus on understanding and fulfilling your unique staffing needs.

Our approach is tailored, professional, and efficient, ensuring that every placement is a step towards the success of your organization. Whether you’re seeking temporary staff or a permanent addition to your team, our extensive network and industry expertise make us the ideal partner for all your staffing requirements.

Management and Executives

Need to employ an expert to oversee a team? Need a professional to represent your company to the public and shareholders? You need management or executives. These maestros are masters in their specific field, able to run entire departments and plan a bright future.

Business and Financial

Money runs everything we do. What is a business without profit? Do you need a specialist to crunch the numbers? Need analyst personnel to oversee business functions and pave a profit-filled future? You need business and financial staffing.

Information Technology

From software to hardware, information technology (IT) flows through everything we do in the 21st century. What are we without our technology? Ultimately, IT professionals are there to help create and maintain the tech we use every day.

Architecture and Engineering

Looking to create a new structure or building? Need an expert that can oversee the creation of something from the bones up? You need an architect or engineer. These structural masters can oversee the creation of buildings, bridges, or any other physical layout from the design stage to the finishing touches.

Life, Physical, and Social Science

Need a specialist to oversee and analyze the science behind human interaction or other species-based inquiries? Need an expert to help create psychology-based solutions for your company? You are looking for life, physical, and social science specialists.

Community and
Social Service

The way in which we stick together is crucial for our society. As humans, we are inherently social. We must create a community to thrive as a species. Luckily, community and social service workers are here to help the well-being of citizens and groups.


Legality can be a difficult road to navigate. There is a plethora of rules, small laws, and obscure legislation that can make our business moves confusing (and scary). Fortunately, legal workers exist to help us through these rulings. From lawyers to patent examiners.

Educational Instruction and Library

Our future is only as bright as the minds of the next generation. Therefore, teaching our children is crucial for our success as a species. We must make sure that we have all of the best teachers in place for a better future.

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media

The world would be a drab place without entertainment. Where would we get our news, fun, and other interpersonal necessities? Arts and media exist to share information and create a more interesting world.

Healthcare Practitioners

We are nothing without our health. Fortunately, there is always an influx of doctors and engineers working to create new solutions for health-based issues. Without the help of healthcare practitioners and healthcare tech workers, we would be in rough (and rather unhealthy) shape.

Healthcare Support

Though healthcare practitioners get all of the glory in the health industry, healthcare support is just as crucial. Support specialists oversee and administer contributions to doctors and other professionals. They work to help patients after doctor care.

Protective Service

Need an expert to oversee the safety of your business or storefront? Need a specialist to look into the overall security technology implemented in your buildings? From security guards to firefighters and police officers, you are looking for protective services.

Food Preparation

Not only is food a necessity, but good food is also an art that cannot be overstated. There is a reason that the restaurant industry continues to thrive. Food preparers and servers make sure customers enjoy the delicacy of meals and other food services.

Building, Grounds Cleaning, and Maintenance

Once a building or home is designed and created, upkeep must be maintained in order to create a clean and usable location. Therefore, building and maintenance workers exist. From shaping and maintaining lawns to fixing air conditioners and other appliances, maintenance workers keep buildings functional and beautiful.

Personal Care and Service

There are a plethora of personal care positions and industries that they fall into. For example, both barbers and customer service representatives are considered service workers. It’s a broad term, but there are plenty of crucial positions within the realm. From tour guides to fitness trainers, we staff all service workers.

Sales and Marketing

How do you sell your product? How do you get your business out to the world, garnering eyes and ears? Sales and marketing personnel are crucial for any successful business. Ultimately, the occupations involve the advertising and promotion of a company or product.

Office and Administrative Support

More goes into a doctor’s office than the doctor themself. Who is there to oversee the functionality of the office? Who is there to create schedules, upkeep maintenance, and contact customers? If you have an office of any kind, you need an administrative support workforce.

Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

We are nothing without nature. As humans, we could not survive without natural food and other products created through natural crops. Luckily, the farming, fishing, and forestry industries still employ a variety of workers to help create natural products for consumption.

Construction and Extraction

After an architect designs a building, someone must put the plans into action. Construction workers use an abundance of skills and machinery to create and reinforce buildings and other structures. Meanwhile, the extraction occupation uses machinery to receive and refine natural goods like gas and oil.

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

More goes into a doctor’s office than the doctor themself. Who is there to oversee the functionality of the office? Who is there to create schedules, upkeep maintenance, and contact customers? If you have an office of any kind, you need an administrative support workforce.


Designers and engineers can create blueprints until the sun sets. Unfortunately, the implementation of ideas requires more than just thoughts and drawings. Production employees work to make sure items are made in mass quantities and live up to adherent standards.

Transportation and Moving

Looking for a workforce of employees that deal with lifting machinery, driving vehicles, or any other sort of ‘moving’? You are looking for transportation workers. Ultimately, transportation personnel works to safely move products or passengers. Regardless of the industry, they are specialists in safety and efficiency.