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IT Tools

IT Management Tools

Here are some IT Management Tools to help with IT operations. From user profile backup & restore to project management tools. Our comprehensive, easy to use IT management tools makes IT processes more efficient and reliable.

Currently, we have as software that backs up a user’s profile and automates the back and restore process. It’s ideal for desktop support and tier II deskside roles. The IT manager can create a custom profile with directories to back up and restore effortlessly.

In addition, we have a time conversion tool for salary to hourly conversion and vise versa. Use our salary calculator to simply calculate hourly and annual salary rates.

Data Backed Up

User Profile Backup & Restore Software

An IT Management tool that automates backup & restore of a user’s profile.

The backup and restore tool allows for IT technicians (Desktop Support) to back up user’s data on a local computer to a destination of their choice.

The benefit with this tool is that it allows technicians to automate the backup and restore process from one computer to another. In addition, there is no room for error during the backup and restore process.

The best part of all, this tool runs without installation. It’s a stand alone tool that runs from any location. Simply, choose all the directories that need to be backed up. Even add custom directories. Next, choose the location that the files need to be backed up too.

Afterwards, the software will create a profile and backup all the files to the destination. Once the technician is ready to restore the files, simply choose the profile and automate their restore process.

As a result, all of the user’s files will be restored onto the new computer. Download the Tier2Tek User Profile Backup & Restore Tool today at CNET.

Simple Salary Converter

Use this tool to convert your annual salary to hourly, or your hourly rate to annual salary. If you are being paid hourly and want to see what you would make as an annual salary, this tool will convert it. Similarly, if you are being paid an annual salary, the tool will convert it to an hourly rate.

Simple Salary Converter 1