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Party Chief Rodman - Instrument man - Land Survey staffing

Tier2Tek Staffing Agency provides recruitment solutions for Party Chief staffing and similar roles. Roles include I-man, Instrument operator and Rodman. Our sourcing and screening process is fast and efficient to meet your business needs. Contact us today and partner with an employment agency that provides quality service with exceptional experience.

What Does a Party Chief Do?

The party chief is responsible for mapping and construction projects. The Survey Crew Chief is the supervisor of a field survey crew engaged in various types of surveys including performing boundary traverses, location surveys, level runs, retracement surveys staking subdivisions, bridges, highways and commercial development. The Survey Crew Chief will document all phases of survey work.

Iman, Instrument operator and Rodman Job Description

The survey party chief supervises the work performed by surveying groups in the field. As a supervisor, the survey party chief is first involved in the planning portion of ground surveys. Surveying is a crucial early step in the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, and other structures.


  • Perform field task in the most expeditious manner possible while maintaining accuracy.
  • Ensure that all work is conducted safely, i.e. safety vests, traffic cones, signs, flagman if required, etc.
  • Review field work with the Professional Land Surveyor.
  • Perform surveying activities on behalf of the company.
  • Maintain relationships with clients/residents.
  • Assist in training of staff members.
  • Monitor quality of work product.
  • Meet with job supervisors, clients, inspectors, contractors, etc., when necessary, and as a representative of the company, maintaining a professional and courteous demeanor.
  • Accurate surveys of potential construction sites play a key role when determining design, costs, planning processes, and even the feasibility of a potential project.
  • They research previous surveys and any relevant building documentation for the plot of land for the current survey.
  • The chief then schedules how many surveying parties will be needed and creates a plan for accurate determination of distances, gradients, and other necessary components of a useful survey.
  • Responsible for the Installation of Onsite Layout.
  • Provides Layout which Adheres to Quality Control Requirements.
  • Directs and Oversees Staff.
  • Ensures a Safe Work Environment.
  • Participates in Training/Certifications.


  • Willingness to work outdoors year round.
  • Ability to operate survey equipment and read plans.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Travel is required to conduct surveying work on-site
  • Individuals performing surveying work should expect to do a lot of their work outdoors, although planning and reporting work takes place in an office setting.
  • Strong attention to detail and analytical skills.
  • Ability to work with a team.
  • Be able to work with little or no supervision.
  • A current and valid driver’s license.

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