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Staffing for the Marketing Industry

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When a company needs help hiring any type of Marketing employee, they can turn to Tier2Tek Staffing. As a staffing agency, Tier2Tek provides various employment types for your unique hiring needs, including Direct Hire, Outsourced, Temp-To-Hire, Temporary, High-Volume Staffing and Seasonal Staffing. Let’s find the right staffing solution for your business.

What is Marketing?

Creating a great product or service is not enough. You have to show it to the masses to garner attention. Well, how do you do that? Marketing, of course.

A trade as old as time. Marketing is the idea of showing and selling a product or service to the world. Whether through television commercials or social media posts, any form of advertising falls under the Marketing umbrella.

Marketing is more than just creating quality advertisements, though. Marketing also involves analysis of the market, brand establishment and product endorsement. Ultimately, there are a plethora of jobs that fall into the industry. Regardless, if a job’s work involves getting your company public attention, it’s Marketing.

5 Facts About Marketing and Advertising

  • Civil: The creation and design of naturally built structures. This may include roads, bridges, dams and airports.
  • Chemical: The creation and innovation of the production of chemical plants.
  • Software: The creation and design of computer-based software and applications.
  • Mechanical: The creation and maintenance of objects and systems in motion. This may include generators, turbines and refrigeration.
  • Electrical: The creation and manufacturing of electric-based equipment. This may include radars, motors and communication systems.
  • Industrial: The design and installation of integrated systems. This may include increasing efficiency and safety in manufacturing production.

Positions We Staff

If you are looking for someone to help market your company (like this), then Tier2Tek Staffing is here for you.

As a staffing agency, Tier2Tek has experienced recruiters that know exactly what attributes to look for in candidates. Also, we have a database of prescreened candidates ready to work. Ultimately, our goal is to bring you the best possible candidate within your timeframe.

From marketing analysts to graphic designers, Tier2Tek can fill any of your Marketing industry needs ASAP.

If you want to be interesting, be interested.”

David Ogilvy, British advertising tycoon