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Tier2Tek Recruitment Agency stands as a leader in the staffing industry, particularly excelling in Application Support roles. Hiring managers seeking exceptional talent find our targeted approach in recruitment, staffing, and direct hire placements invaluable. By focusing exclusively on permanent staffing solutions, we align our expertise with the specific needs of your company, ensuring that every candidate we place is poised for long-term success within your organization.

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    Elite Personnel Services

    Elite Personnel Services in Application Support

    At Tier2Tek, you can rest assured that your recruitment needs are in professional hands. Our dedicated team goes beyond traditional recruitment methods to deliver top-tier candidates in the field of Application Support. This specialized focus allows us to maintain a deep understanding of the industry nuances and candidate capabilities, ensuring that we meet your hiring expectations with precision and efficiency.

    Why Choose Tier2Tek?

    Accelerated Sourcing Speed icon

    Sourcing Speed

    We quickly identify and connect you with the top professionals in Application Support.

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    Client Communication

    Our team maintains open and continuous communication throughout the recruitment process.

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    Quality Over Quantity

    We deliver candidates who not only meet but exceed the qualifications necessary for success in their roles.

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    Innovative Sourcing

    Utilizing cutting-edge recruitment technologies and methodologies, we ensure access to the best talent pool available.

    Our Track Record of Success


    98% Placement Success Rate

    Successfully filled over 1,000 positions in the past year alone.

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    Rapid Placement Times

    Our average time-to-hire is significantly lower than industry standards, ensuring your positions are filled swiftly and efficiently.


    Employee Retention

    Candidates placed by Tier2Tek show higher retention rates, contributing positively to your team dynamics and productivity.

    Client Testimonials


    “The team at Tier2Tek provided an exceptional candidate for our Application Support role. Their professionalism and dedication were evident throughout the process.”


    “Finding skilled professionals in Application Support has always been a challenge. Tier2Tek made it seamless and provided us with the perfect hire in no time.”


    “Tier2Tek’s approach to understanding our needs made all the difference. The Application Support specialist they placed has become an integral part of our team.”

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    Our Recruitment Process

    1. Understanding Your Hiring Needs: We start by gaining a deep understanding of your company’s specific requirements for Application Support roles.
    2. Tailoring Our Search: Based on your unique needs, we tailor our search to find the best-suited candidates.
    3. Rigorous Interviewing: Our comprehensive interviewing techniques ensure we gauge the right fit.
    4. Candidate Submission: Only the most qualified candidates are submitted for your review, making your hiring process smoother and more effective.

    Candidate Screening 200

    Our Candidate Screening Approach

    • Professionalism: Candidates are evaluated for their professional demeanor and ability to integrate seamlessly into corporate environments.
    • Communication Skills: We assess communication capabilities to ensure candidates can articulate complex technical issues effectively.
    • Technical Aptitude: Applicants undergo rigorous testing to verify their technical skills and knowledge in Application Support.
    • Strong Work History: We prioritize candidates with a proven track record of success and stability in their previous roles.

    Commitment to Privacy 200

    Commitment to Privacy

    Tier2Tek upholds the highest standards of privacy for both clients and candidates, ensuring that all communications and information are handled with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

    Client Satisfaction Guarantee 200

    Client Satisfaction Guarantee

    We stand behind our recruitment process with a robust satisfaction guarantee. Should a placed candidate not meet your expectations, Tier2Tek is committed to finding a suitable replacement, ensuring your ultimate satisfaction with our service.