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Tier2Tek Staffing Agency provides solutions for Active Directory Specialist staffing. The Active Directory Specialist is responsible for all corporate user accounts on the global level. For example, they set up new user accounts in active directories and apply security policies based on organizational structure. In case of emergencies, the Active Directory Specialists can update accounts and work closely with HR regarding IT user privileges.

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Tier2Tek Staffing Agency has years of experience in staffing IT roles such as the Active Directory Specialist. When you work with Tier2Tek, you will work with recruiters who have industry experience and can find the ideal candidate for your staff augmentation needs.

What Does an IT Active Directory Specialist Do?

With tens of thousands of users in an organization, it can be challenging to maintain user rights and privileges on the network. The Active Directory Specialist designs and implements user rights and permissions.

When a user logs into the computer on a network, they are logging into a domain. The domain has different levels of user rights and access. The Active Directory Specialist manages those rights and provides access accordingly.

Primarily, most Active Directory Specialists spend the majority of their time setting up new hire accounts, changing current permissions, and cleaning up accounts that have left due to attrition.


Subject-matter expert for the design and administration of the corporate Active Directory infrastructure. The Active Director Specialist will also manage Active Directory/DUO/VPN permissions. Should have a solid knowledge of the applications available in Office 365. They must have experience in managing Active Directory permissions and O365 permissions

  • Responsible for all aspects of AD including problem-solving, configuration, and implementation efforts for large and/or complex projects.
  • Emphasis on operational excellence and continuous improvement of AD-related processes and procedures.
  • Manages and maintains the security and reliability of the corporate forest while ensuring the integrity of the AD schema.
  • Creation and management of the directory infrastructure.
  • Management of FSMO roles, trust relationships, Kerberos KDCs, replication topology, certificate authorities, ADFS, DNS settings, SRV records, etc.
  • Monitors and reports on the security compliance of the domain.
  • In charge of management for AD migration and integration activities.
  • Must maintain open communications and follow the change control process.
  • Has experience migrating AD Forest objects using tools like ADMT.
  • Experience with the configuration and management of Microsoft Office 365, Active Directory, and Azure Active Directory.
  • Designs and implements GPO.
  • Experience with automation and scripting using PowerShell.