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Documentum System Analyst
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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Company provides solutions for Documentum System Analyst.
This role’s main responsibility is to analyze and implement the Documentum system in your company.

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What is Documentum?

Owned by OpenText, Documentum is an enterprise-level document management system.

To summarize, the Documentum software works as a more efficient version of a network server. It allows companies to store and manage documents on a large scale. All documents are saved to Documentum, instead of a hard drive, allowing for higher levels of safety and remote access.

What Does a Documentum System Analyst Do?

All in all, if you are looking to implement the Documentum software into your company or business, you are looking for Documentum System Analyst staffing.

Firstly, the Documentum System Analyst will work to implement and establish the program in your business. This may involve installation, problem-solving, and training employees on how to use the document management software.

Secondly, the System Analyst will then act as the end-all-be-all for any problems related to the software. They will discuss efficiency and usage with higher-ups to ensure that Documentum is both cost-efficient and useful for the organization. They will also be available for any troubleshooting and upgrade implementation.

Furthermore, the System Analyst will test and observe the software regularly to make sure all processes are running smoothly. At the end of the day, a company’s data is crucial. Any safety hazards are critical to a company’s well-being.


  • Overall, has in-depth technical experience in Documentum and other OpenText systems.
  • Firstly, works to identify and document functional and technical requirements.
  • Assesses available technologies and recommends solutions related to requested functionality.
  • Assists with testing and support activities related to the implementation.
  • Assists in developing appropriate test scenarios and scripts. Coordinates User Acceptance Testing.
  • Works with developers to customize functionality in one-or-more functional areas for new and existing system deployments.
  • Completes data mapping and conversion activities from previous systems.
  • Provides technical support and expertise in resolving identified application issues and problems.
  • Ensures that a design being implemented is in line with best practices from a technical and architectural perspective.
  • Collaborates with project managers to ensure that the system delivers the functionality specified.