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Relocation Staffing is when a company needs to hire employees for their new branch in a different city.
The company may need new candidates quickly in a market in which they don’t have ties.
This situation can call for a staffing agency with candidates already in the region. 

How Does Relocation Staffing Work?

Moving a company or opening a new branch is already stressful enough. Add the concept of staffing an entire team on top of that, and you are in for a treacherous time.

Sometimes when a company decides to move, they need new employees fast.

When a company needs to fill multiple roles in a timeframe, they look to staffing agencies to help expedite the process. Staffing agencies like Tier2Tek can make relocation staffing easy.

A company may not even have an HR department prepared for their new location, so a staffing agency is needed to provide quality candidates in the new area.

Factors to Consider When Staffing for Relocation

Moving is tough enough as a civilian. Moving as a company is another beast entirely. Though a company’s reasons for moving may vary, they will still need a strong staff regardless of location.

When hiring in a new city or state, it’s important to look at a few factors.

What Is the Market Like?

What is the hiring pool like in the area you are moving to? Are there a collection of universities with applicable fields in the area? Will people want to move there to work with you?

What Are the Taxes?

Some cities require a different set of city-based taxes. Are you ready to implement these into your payroll and business?

What Is the Average Wage?

The pay for a majority of roles depends on the location. A role may need to make more in a different state based off of price of living and local market. When hiring new employees in a new area, are you aware of what the salary market looks like?

We Are Here For You

Tier2Tek Staffing Agency is prepared to answer all of these questions for you. As a national recruitment company, we have specialists knowledgeable with market trends and factors in all regions of the country. Make your relocation staffing process easier by working with a company that can bring you top-tier talent in your timeframe.

Benefits of Working with Tier2Tek
for Relocation Staffing

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Area Knowledge

As a national staffing agency, Tier2Tek has recruiters with knowledge of all relocation areas. From specific taxes to market trends, we know your new city.

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Fast and Reliable

With a database of prescreened candidates updated daily, we can make your relocation staffing process quick and easy.

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A dedicated account manager will be assigned to assist you with your hiring needs. Based on your industry, we will connect you with an expert account manager in your field.