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Hiring Advice

Here are some hiring advice we have learned after years of recruiting candidates. Hiring the right candidates is crucial to a company’s success and staff environment. Moreover, hiring a good candidate is tricky, but hiring a perfect candidate requires talent. After all, employees are the backbone of any company. Without them, success is impossible. Unfortunately, there is no way to fast-track finding employees, but there are things to look out for.

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Qualities to Look for in Employees

Technical Fit: Background in the Field

This goes without saying, but a quality candidate should have experience in the role you are hiring. Look, not all candidates are going to have one-to-one experience, but their skills should be applicable.

What is their working background? Do they have the correct certifications? Do they have a plethora of respectable references?

The resume is the most important part of the vetting process. An unsatisfactory resume leaves candidates unread.

They’ve Done Research

Nothing portrays a potential employee’s dedication more than researching the job. Candidates that show up with background knowledge of your job and company prove that they want to work for you.

Do they know you? Also, do they know what your company values? Finally, do they have ideas for the future?

Ultimately, you want to hire someone that wants to work for you.

Willingness to Learn

Even if the candidate doesn’t have the exact work experience, you’re looking for, they should be eager to learn. Do they want to grow in the role? Are they willing to take on bigger challenges?

All in all, a superb candidate wants to be the best. They are never satisfied with being stagnant.


A candidate should be confident in their abilities. No one wants to hire a worker that is unsure if they can do the job.

Even if they are lacking experience, are they confident in the skills they have already attained? Are they confident that they will fit in with your business?

Communication Skills

How well do candidates convey their thoughts and articulate their position in a professional manner? Candidates must be able to communicate effectively, both written and verbally.

In addition, communication skills also constitute developing cohesive relationships with others and effectively collaborating for the company mission.

Work Tenure

How long a candidate stays in each position can tell you a lot about their commitment to the company and their priorities. Unless a contract, or temporary project position, candidates should commit to a few years in each position. At the very least, 2+ years in each position.

Candidates that have multiple roles within a short period of time might mean they will repeat their brief duration with your company as well.

Cultural Fit

How does the candidate fit your company culture? If you’re a new company, do they fit the values you are trying to instill?

Culture is pivotal for all successful businesses. You want a team that works well together and shares the same mission. Hiring toxic employees can be the quickest way to sour a workplace.

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