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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Agency provides solutions for Machine Learning Engineer staffing.
The main responsibility of this role is to create systems that generate predictive models.

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What Does a Machine Learning Engineer Do?

Looking for an artificial intelligence (AI) specialist to help create and implement self-running software? You are looking for Machine Learning Engineer staffing.

Overall, artificial intelligence is the way of the future. After all, why work harder if you can work smarter (or just make something work for you)? Henceforth, as AI software continues to help increase business efficiency, engineers that work on AI will continue to be needed. This is where the Machine Learning Engineer comes in.

Consequently, the Machine Learning Engineer is a programmer who researches, analyzes, and creates AI that runs automative predictive models. These models may involve hard-money motives like fraud detection or trading algorithms. They may also stem into the entertainment realm, with predictive models being used to generate viewer recommendations on software like Netflix.

Automative algorithms are becoming common in every branch of technology. From medical to music, having programs that can predict outcomes or user input is crucial to the advancement of technology. The Machine Learning Engineer helps create and analyze the usage of these algorithms.

Example Responsibilities for Machine Learning Engineer Staffing

  • Firstly, designs, develops, and researches Machine Learning systems, models, and schemes.
  • Secondly, studies, analyzes, and converts data science prototypes.
  • Finally, performs statistical analysis and uses findings to improve models.
  • Trains and retrains AI systems and models as needed.
  • Identifies differences in data distribution that could affect model performance.
  • Visualizes data for deeper insights.
  • Analyzes the use of algorithms and rank them by their success probability.
  • Understands when solutions and changes can be applied to business decisions.
  • Bolsters and improves existing frameworks and libraries.
  • Verifies data quality and/or ensures it via data cleaning.