Should You Work With a Staffing Agency to Find a Job?

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Staffing agencies tend to get a strange rap in the working world. Often seen as a quick fix for down-and-out workers or a career bandaid, staffing agencies are surrounded by misconceptions and negative connotations. To put it simply, people often misunderstand the overall goal of recruitment agencies unless they have dipped their toes in. Ultimately, we live in a strange time for the working world (a strange time in general). The intricate dance of the vetting process has become more complicated than ever. Employees are in power, the job market is robust and searching has become complex. Should you work with a staffing agency? What are the benefits?

As a leading staffing agency, we have spent countless words stating our case to companies. We have stressed the importance and value of partnerships with employment agencies. So much so that we are running out of synonyms for efficiency and proficiency. But what about potential employees?

Why should you work with a staffing agency as a worker? Is it a waste of time? Are there hidden terms and fees? Will you be signing your life away, garnering a grey jumpsuit to begin your life of contractual, boring work?

First of all, that was a joke. The staffing world is not as Orwellian as you may believe. Secondly, let’s jump into it.

Here is an ultimate guide on why you should work with a staffing agency to find a job.

Reasons Why You Should Work With a Staffing Agency

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Staffing agencies can be a useful tool in achieving success, not a necessity.

Firstly, finding a job can be a job on its own. Scouring through countless posts on Indeed or Monster can take hours, even days, of your time. Time is money, and when you are spending too much time looking for a way to make money, you are losing actual money. Which, in return, means you are losing actual time, which is money.

Does that make sense? No. Don’t think about it too much. Just think of it this way; there are millions of jobs in the world. Tailoring your resume, filling out applications and emailing hiring managers can take up substantial time. If you are already at a gig or busy frolicking around your real life, you may not have the time to complete multiple applications.

Work smarter, not harder. Right? Let us do it for you.

Here are the benefits of working with a staffing agency.

1. Your Job Search Is Streamlined

As stated, job searching takes ample time. Furthermore, it can lead to becoming astray from your career path. How often does a simple search for, let’s say, software engineering jobs lead you down a rabbit hole of IT careers?

As a recruitment agency, we simplify the search for you. Simply give us your interests, knowledge and resume and we will get to work. We do the job searching for you. How nice is that?

2. You Can Find the Perfect Fit

We understand that finding the perfect job isn’t a simple matter of salary negotiations. We have evolved past the point of the vetting process involving throwing money and promises at a potential employee. Therefore, we focus on the values when finding an employee a job.

As a recruitment agency, we work as the middleman between companies and workers. We take the time to learn about a company’s culture and values before we begin the recruitment process. Henceforth, we will know if a company is a right fit for you.

We babble on about finding the perfect fit for employers, but what about the perfect fit for employees? That’s our job. At the end of the day, we want to make both sides of the net happy. We want you, the employee, to feel that the company is the perfect fit for you. Staffing agencies get to know you and, in return, help find a workplace that fits your morals and values.

It can be difficult to determine a company’s culture via job boards. You may not realize a job is a wrong fit for you until late in the application process. We already know everything about the companies at hand, so we can clear that enigma up before we move forward. We can tell you whether or not a company fits what you are looking for, saving you from wasting your time applying.

3. Access to Career Coach

As an employment agency, we know what companies are looking for. After all, the employers are our customers. They tell us what they are looking for. Also, recruiters have years of experience in the job searching field. The act of application for employment is something you do a few times in your life. It’s something we do every day.

When you work with a staffing agency, you are working with a career coach. Not only will we help expedite the job search, but we will give you tips on what to do going forward. Whether it be resume tips, interviewing strategies, or retention techniques, we know it all. We aren’t stingy with our knowledge and aren’t hiding information behind fees and memberships. Ultimately, we understand how hard finding the perfect job can be. We are here to help.

Staffing agencies like Tier2Tek are here to help. We aren’t a machine of the industry, and there’s no reason to have rage against us (ha). We aren’t in it for the profit, we are in it to help you and guide you going forward.

4. Access to More Employers and Different Jobs

We used the word scouring earlier in regards to looking for jobs. Not only did we use this word because it’s a great word (say it aloud), but it’s accurate. Finding the perfect job involves hours of scouring. Even then, did you search it all? Maybe the perfect job wasn’t on that job board you frequented. Maybe it wasn’t even listed yet.

Sometimes the perfect job is hidden away behind a cold-call email or random Craigslist post. We’re the Indiana Jones of job searching. At least that’s what I tell myself to feel cool.

Consequently, we stay in contact with employers and spend our time researching job openings. Working with a staffing agency allows you to find those gigs you didn’t know were available. Also, if the employer is a customer of ours, we know about the job openings before they hit the market. Working with an employment agency extends your range of jobs. It’s that simple.

5. Peace of Mind Is Priceless

Tier2Tek Staffing has been in the staffing industry for many years and has developed a network of reliable connections. Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, we know the right people to bridge the gap and grow your workforce with quality candidates. Furthermore, we don’t rely on hidden fees or memberships. We are here for you.

Sometimes you need help when finding a job. We are experts that know the ins and outs of every job market. There’s no cost in giving a staffing agency a try, so there’s no reason to avoid it. If you are having a tough time finding the perfect job, or don’t have the time to explore the job market, let professionals do it for you. You can sleep peacefully knowing that you have experienced recruiters on your team.

Common Misconceptions Around Staffing Agencies

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Don’t let common myths keep you from achieving career greatness.

As noted, staffing agencies are surrounded by strange, and usually untrue, stigma. Blame the misconceptions on hearsay and media, sure. Staffing agencies aren’t a place that someone desperate for work goes to to find a bandaid job. Sure, temp agencies do exist, and most staffing agencies do work in the temp field, but it’s more complicated than that. Staffing agencies are here to bridge gaps. They are here to make job searching more proficient for both employer and employee. This work can involve gigs, part-time jobs and full-time careers.

We can preach the practice of staffing agencies all day. We can express their value and efficiency all day, but these misconceptions will still stand. Let’s clear them up. Here are common thoughts and questions about staffing agencies.

1. Is There a Cost to Using a Staffing Agency?

Alright. What’s the catch? Nothing in the modern age is free. How does a staffing agency get by helping job seekers? Where are the hidden fees? Do they dock my pay?

Firstly, take a deep breath. There is a plethora of questions and invalid information about staffing agencies and money. It’s easy to be cynical in a world driven by cash. Sure, we have to get paid somehow, but it doesn’t involve your money. Let’s break it down.

It’s important to note that we cannot speak for all recruitment agencies, but this goes for us.

Simply put, we are here to help you find a job. We stand by our transparency and proficiency, meaning there are no hidden fees. We get paid when the client company is satisfied. Therefore, we do not charge potential employees a dime. We help people find a job then we receive a commission from the hiring business. We do not dock employee pay. Depending on the type of employment, the employee may continue to report to us or the company directly. Regardless, we require nothing from you.

2. Staffing Agencies Only Lead to Temp Jobs

Most of us desire security. Most of us want something permanent when we begin our job search. It is a fair and understood concept, especially by staffing agencies.

Employment agencies like Tier2Tek don’t only dabble in the field of temporary work. Sure, it’s an option, and we will work out the necessities and intricacies of your job search when we work with you, but it’s not our only option. Consequently, we have filled plenty of different job types. We include Direct Hire, Outsourced, Temp-To-Hire, Temporary, High-Volume Staffing and Seasonal Staffing. It is why we call ourselves a staffing agency, not a temp agency.

We want to find clients and customers the best fit for their hiring needs. Furthermore, we want to find candidates the best fit for their employment needs. If this desire doesn’t include temporary work, we will figure out the next steps. We are not looking for bandaids to patch your unemployment wounds. We are trying to find you the best path to your dream career.

3. Do Temp Agencies Do Background Checks or Drug Screens?

If a staffing company is hiring talent for a full-time position with a company, how much of the onboarding process do they perform? All of it. We work with potential employees and customers every step of the way. From hiring to background checks, we complete it all.

Depending on the needs of the client company, we will handle every step of the vetting process. We overview resumes, perform job interviews, handle employee paperwork and complete background checks. All jobs require background checks, even temporary ones. This step is crucial in our recruiting process, regardless of if you are an employee or an employer.

Drug screens ultimately depend on the employer, but we can outsource and handle them if necessary. Overall, we will work with you until you are satisfied with your new position. We are here for every step.

4. Staffing Agencies Only Work With Low-Level Candidates

We touched on this earlier, but it’s important to clear the air.

Staffing and recruitment agencies are not just for those that can’t find a job. In a perfect world, capable and excellent employees have companies knocking at their doors for job opportunities. Unfortunately, this dream is not the case. Sometimes jobs, regardless of experience level, maybe tucked away in the market. Recruitment agencies work to fill these roles with quality candidates. These candidates range from entry-level to executive.

Recruiters don’t only work with candidates that are entry-level or green. We hire at all levels of employment and caliber. Some veteran employees may overlook a staffing agency because they believe they are past that point in their careers. This is an unfortunate causality of missed opportunities. Finding your dream job is not as simple as having experience. Sometimes those with years of experience struggle to find those perfect fits. Staffing agencies are here for it all.

5. Recruiters Only Care About Numbers

Staffing agencies like Tier2Tek build their success around quality, not quantity. The recruiting agency does not get paid until the client is satisfied with the hire. We do not get paid as soon as we turn in candidates. Therefore, we work to bring quality fits for both teams. We strive to make both the candidate and the company happy.

Ultimately, numbers mean nothing to an employment agency. Even if we are tasked with filling 100 roles for a company, we won’t receive compensation until all are satisfied. Putting names in seats isn’t the purpose.

6. Recruiters Decrease Your Salary Offer for Companies

A common, and overall damming, misconception is that recruiting companies offer candidates lower salaries. This lower offer allows the agency to give their client company a better deal on employees.

Don’t worry. Staffing agencies are not decreasing your salary or performing payroll magic. In fact, staffing agencies make more money when you make more money. Usually, the agency’s compensation from the client company is based upon the candidate’s salary. Therefore, if you are offered more money, so are we.

7. Recruiters Don’t Care About You

False. That’s it. This myth is false.

As a staffing agency, we started our company to help workers and companies find fantastic fits. After all, we were tired of the intracacies and gloom around job searching. We wanted to make the process easier for everyone involved. Recruiters do care about you. Ultimately, we want to help you achieve your dreams, compensation aside. We succeed when you succeed.

Still Unsure?

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Give it a shot! It can’t hurt.

Still wondering if you should work with a staffing agency? Still have questions about the process, opportunities, or policies? That is totally fine! Ultimately, researching is up to you. We aren’t trying to sell you on a service or product.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are here to provide information whenever you need it. We are all in this together, after all.

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