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The main responsibility of the role is to manage a team of technicians on a large ship.

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What Does a Ship Engineer Do

Looking for an expert engineer to make sure that your large ship is running smoothly? Looking for a leader to oversee a team of technicians aboard a commercial or production transportation vessel? You are looking for a Ship Engineer.

Overall, the Ship Engineer (often referred to as Marine Engineer) oversees a team of mechanics aboard a cruise, naval, or container ship. The team works to make sure all mechanical aspects are operating safely. This may include engines, pumps, propeller shafts, electronic equipment, and auxiliary equipment.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to pinpoint their exact tasks. They may be working on a variety of different issues and mechanical aspects. Regardless, they are experts on naval engineering.

Example Responsibilities

  • Reports to the captain of the ship. Is primarily responsible for the machinery operation of the ship including start-up and shut-down procedures of main engine(s) and auxiliary generators.
  • Requires the individual to work independently in assessing any mechanical breakdowns (machinery, pumps, hydraulics, electrical) from tear down, procurement of parts, and rebuild to final installation.
  • Operates all machinery of the hopper dredger.
  • Performs preventive maintenance according to the procedures and guidelines.
  • Performs repairs and maintenance of the engine room and all equipment on board.
  • Ensures proper functioning of equipment on board.
  • Dismantles, repairs, and reinstalls equipment relating to diesel main engine(s), auxiliary diesel engines, hydraulic power packs, water pumps, and electrical systems onboard the vessel.
  • Understands and comprehends vessel drawings (hull, piping diagrams, machinery, and electrical layout).

Average Salary

According to GlassDoor, the average salary for a Ship Engineer is $107,979 a year.

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