Transfer iPhone Contacts/Calendar to Outlook

After buying a new workstation or re-imaging it, outlook contacts and calendars can be challenging to import back over. Here is the iCloud approach to importing your contacts and calendar from your Iphone. You should already have an Icloud account when you setup your Iphone. If not, set it up and make sure it is connected to your phone.

  1. Google icloud for windows.
  2. Downloads and Install Icloud for Windows.
  3. Run the Software, Install, finish and restart.

  4. Log in with your Apple ID and password.
  5. Two-factor Authentication on your phone. You will see the code on your phone. Type it in:
  6. Follow the prompts, choose what you want to import and setup will complete:

  7. Now, your Iphone calendar and contacts will be available locally on your Outlook client.

Done.. Enjoy!