The Most Important Tech Jobs – And How Much They Make

The landscape of the tech field has drastically changed over the last three years. But fear not, the ground is still level. In fact, with the pandemic depleting the need for social interactions (depending on who you ask), the need for technical employees has soared. But what tech jobs are the most important?

Almost all tech jobs could be considered important and in high demand, and will continue to be, but which ones are at the top of the list this year? While it is impossible to say, you can look at recent trends.

Overall, these are the six most in-demand tech jobs and their average salaries.

1. Cloud Engineer

A Cloud Engineer is a software developer that is responsible for building a company’s cloud infrastructure. They also help the company adopt the usage of a cloud, maintain the efficiency of the said cloud, and design the infrastructure overall.

In brief, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services such as servers, storage, databases, software, analytics, and networking over the internet. In short, a Cloud Engineer sets up and maintains this delivery for the company, helping them transition into using it and providing for technical support moving forward.

Cloud computing’s usage has exploded over the past decade. Therefore, the need for cloud engineers continues to rise and remains a steady career choice. With at-home work being the new standard, the use of cloud computing has become crucial.

Average Salary:
According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Cloud Engineer is $111,165.

2. Java Developer

The tech world will always need Java Developers. Javascript continues to be the highest-used programming language, and history shows it will continue to be going forward (if not forever). With so many companies being launched into online applications and websites during the pandemic, coding will always be in high demand.

Likewise, temp agencies and direct hire staffing are always looking for Java developers to help other companies, and they always will be.

Furthermore, a Java Developer’s duties are hard to pinpoint. The ins and outs of the job depend on the needs of the company. It can range from writing code for a single application to fulfilling Java needs across the entire business.
Java Developers should be fluent in technologies like Javascript (duh), HTML, and CCS. In addition, they should have a strong background in abstract classes and interfaces.

Average Salary:
According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Java Developer is $92,958.

3. Cybersecurity Specialist

As long as we have cyber, we’ll need cybersecurity. Barring a Mad-Max-like apocalypse wasteland, we’ll always have cyber. So, why not work in cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity Specialists work as the guards of a company’s information. They protect a company from hackers and attacks, keeping the company and its employees’ data secure. They’re crucial to the marvelous world of technology. It will always be a popular tech job.

Ultimately, Cybersecurity Specialists are there to assess and determine security controls, ensure adequate vulnerability management and track and report incidents.

In addition to knowledge of security across all platforms, these specialists need great problem-solving skills. It is usually dire when the specialist is called upon. So, if you have ever wanted to be a tech superhero, this is the job for you.

This job will always be available on job recruitment boards, but be mindful of the overall work. Specialists may be needed at any hour. Hackers never sleep.

Average Salary:
According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Cybersecurity Specialist is $83,516.

4. Product Manager

Similar to the last two entries, Product Managers will always be in need. As long as there are companies, there need to be Product Managers.

Product Managers oversee a product from the moment it is thought of till the final steps of its creation. They are the ones that hold the team together and make sure that everything is being worked on efficiently and effectively. They need to manage company programs and control a team, keeping everyone on track.

Like Java Developers, the specific duties of a Product Manager are dependent on the company they work with. Majoritatively, Product Managers are required to have strong skills in communication and leadership. They should know about analytics, management tools like PivotalTracker and the needs of the company.

Average Salary:
According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Product Manager is $113,446.

5. Data Scientist

Fancy job and an even fancier title. When a company decides to make plans for the future, or look back upon what has gone awry, they call on a Data Scientist.

A Data Scientist works much like an analyst. The job entitles using machine learning to analyze and predict data. With these predictions, Data Scientists help a company make better business decisions.

Data Scientists help boost revenues and help a company avoid any potential catastrophic issues. With so many companies being reliant on data from websites and applications, Data Scientists are becoming more important in helping capitalize on what a company could be doing right and what they could be doing wrong.

Nonetheless, Data Scientists need to be well-versed in research and analytical programs. They should be able to come up with data-driven solutions for an array of problems and provide for success in the future. Scientists should find opportunities to improve and have the communication skills to share these potential moves with the company.

Average Salary:
According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Product Manager is $98,370.

6. Disaster Recovery Specialist

When the world is in peril, who’s there to save the day? In comic books, they look to superheroes to make things right. A disaster recovery administrator is just that, just with fewer tights.

Company disasters can occur at any moment. The recovery administrator takes the time and responsibility to make sure contingency plans are in place for an emergency.

From working with IT staff to creating press releases, the administrator is the fallback plan for an organization. They are always on-call and ready to prevent any problems. If problems do occur, they already have fixes planned.

Average Salary:
According to, a Disaster Recovery Administrator makes $110,890.

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