Temp Staffing: Why Choose Temporary Staffing?

Why do organizations work with a temp staffing agency? Today’s struggling economy continues to force organizations to make tough decisions about one of their biggest assets and expenses – their staff.  

Staff costs such as insurance, taxes, healthcare and other benefits are increasing. Everyone is asked to do more with fewer resources. 

A personalized and strategic approach to temp staffing can help to reduce overhead costs and manage payroll costs.

The whole performance of the practice can be enhanced by scheduling staff only when they are needed, saving time and reducing risks. 

Why Choose Temp Staffing?

1. Reduce Costs Through a Temp Staffing

Temporary staffing can offer better help when it’s needed. For instance, additional employees can be added to an organization to help with the end-of-the-year demand. 

Since temporary staff work for the staffing agency, the organization is not responsible for paying their benefits or handling any payroll issues. 

2. Reduce Risk

Most employment agencies offer a temp-to-hire option so that an organization can test the ability of the candidate before they are added to the team.

Before you make the final decision, candidates can work in the office for a particular period without making a commitment to hire unil you’re certain the fit is right. 

Making use of temp staffing help during peak periods, reduce stress and prevents burnout among permanent staff. This can reduce absenteeism at work and increase efficiency. 

3. Increase Flexibility 

Adding extra employees that are needed to ensure a free flow of work will help to reduce workload in an organization and increase productivity.

Staff won’t be understaffed during a busy time and staff levels can be managed to be at productive levels. 

Letting temporary employees handle routine business functions allows regular staff to focus on other essential business issues.

For instance, temporary employees can answer phone calls and make appointments on behalf of the organization. This will give the manager the opportunity to work on billing, payments of salaries and other major tasks. 

4. Save Time Through a Temp Staffing

The staffing agency performs all the recruiting processes which include screening, interviewing and reference checking which are needed to determine qualified employees.

You don’t need the manager to sift through piles of unqualified candidates and hold unproductive interviews.

What the business needs to do is contact a temp staffing agency to request help with filling a position. Tier2Tek will provide the candidates who are ready to work in the organization. 

The employment agency will take care of the temporary staff payroll, this will save time and money.

The organization does not need to process payroll for the temporary staff or generate year-end tax documents. 

In conclusion, take all the benefits of temp staffing into consideration when choosing a staffing agency. Using temporary staff will boost your productivity without increasing your payroll costs.

It allows you to keep your employees at levels you can afford while gaining flexibility to meet work demands at a faster rate. 

If you need temporary staffing for your business or organization, Tier2Tek is the right company you can call. We specialize in employee solutions, give us a call today.

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