Talent Acquisition – How to Recruit the Best Candidates

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If company talent acquisition was as easy as posting a job listing, then Tier2Tek wouldn’t exist.

Unfortunately (or fortunate for us), finding top talent for your open roles is a difficult process that takes skill and effort. There is no end-all-be-all tip for getting the right candidates, but there are a few factors that can help your organization find and attract the right candidates.

We have reached the time of the Great Resignation. No longer are potential employees bending over backwards for any open role. No. Candidates have a new, and warranted, sense of self-worth. They know what they deserve as employees and they know what they want.

Have no fear, fellow company. The vetting process has truly become a vetting process, but it’s easy if you stick to a few simple rules.

Talent Acquisition Through Culture

The Department of Economics at the University of Warwick found that happy workers are 12% more productive than the average worker.

While that statistic may seem like chump change, it can add up. The more unhappy employees you have, the less work will be done. The more unhappy employees you have, the more unhappy the atmosphere is. It’s a downward spiral of sadness. 

No one wants to work for a toxic company. 

Focusing on the core culture of your company is critical. Sure, it might not be an outright way to attract top talent, but it eventually leads to it. If your company culture is great, candidates will know. They will feel it during the vetting process. 

Creating a positive company culture starts from the top. The first and most crucial step is to define what you are looking for. What culture do you want to instill? What changes do current employees feel need to be made?

We’re not going to go into a lecture on creating a culture here. We have already done that. Having a good culture is the best tip for talent acquisition. Word spreads, and sooner or later, candidates will know what it’s like to work for your company before they apply. If your reviews on job boards are low or previous employees are spreading slander, don’t expect to find any fantastic candidates.

What Sets Your Company Apart?

Vetting and Interviewing Direct Hire Candidates
Why should a candidate want to work for you?

Look in the mirror. Why should a candidate want to work for you?
Talent acquisition is a negotiation. You want good workers as much as good workers want jobs. So, what is your pitch? Why work for you?

Job applicants have to recognize and note why a job should hire them, so the same effort should be implemented on the company’s side.

Creating your company brand does more than just help with talent acquisition. It helps your business grow. Make sure your social media presence expresses your company’s culture and mission. If your community work is what makes you unique, make sure to note that it is one of your values. If your company works hard to stay eco-friendly, put that on your job listings.

Writing about your business on job postings should be more than just keywords. Be genuine. Great workers can sniff out when a company is just saying how great they are. As a successful company, you have already carved out your niche. Make it known.

Being cool is more than just saying you’re cool, you know?

Create a Clear Purpose

Job postings need to be clear to find the best talent. Workers are more likely to apply for a job if they know that their skill set fits your needs.

Professionals do not want to apply for a role that is not defined. Firstly, it makes the hiring company look suspicious. Second, it may confuse some that are perfect for the role. Job postings should be clear and concise. Do not throw new qualification requirements at a candidate during an interview. Have them already listed.

Ultimately, if you do not know exactly what you are looking for, then you will not find it.

How Can Talent Grow?

Great employees want to grow. Therefore, do you allow them to grow?

If your open positions are stagnant, then the candidates will most likely be stagnant as well. Firstly, if a candidate asks about growing in their role or your company, they are likely a dedicated worker. If you have no answer for them, you will likely lose them.

Anyone can get a fish on a hook. But can you get the fish to stay on the hook?

I think I just made that metaphor up, and I won’t deny that it was bad. But you get the point.

The ability to grow and get promoted is a fundamental aspect of deciding on a job. As a company, you should have a professional development scheme already planned out and be willing to discuss it with potential employees.

Even if you do not have a point-to-point promotion process planned out, still find a way for employees to build their skillsets. Maybe you can offer them training in a different role to further increase their abilities. Long-term workers want to grow. Allow for it.

Get Employees Involved in Talent Acquisition

talent acquisition 3
Give your current employees the power to recommend new hires.

If you already have a team of great employees, why not get them to help you find new ones?

Getting your current staff involved in recruiting does two positive things. One, it allows for your current employees to feel valued and heard. Workers want to feel like they are an integral part of the company. If you trust their opinions, let them know, two, it gives your hiring team hands-on help. A great employee can detect another great employee. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Mention to your employees that you are looking for great candidates for a new role. Ask them to let you know if they have any ideas or meet anyone that fits the bill. Possibly provide them with business cards to hand out to potential candidates. If you trust their opinion as a worker, you should look into their recommendations.

Furthermore, a person is more likely to apply for a job if the company reaches out to them, especially in person. A current employee giving someone a calling card is a compliment. They will feel wanted by your company and be more likely to contact you.

Hold an Open House or Job Fair

Yes, we live in the internet age. Everything is done via social media platforms, but open houses and job fairs still have their place. They always will.

If you’re looking for multiple candidates or need to fill multiple roles, have your company attend a job fair or hold an open house. It’s an easy way to meet employees.

If current times restrict you from doing this, hold a virtual event. Maybe create a job fair live on Facebook or do a virtual tour of the company. There are always ways to find new candidates. And honestly, if a candidate comes to an open house, it shows dedication and a willingness to work. It’s a good sign for a good employee.

Talent Acquisition via Social Media

talent acquisition 2
Social media is a key tool for staffing. In fact, social media is a key tool for everything.

Posting open roles on job boards isn’t the only way to reach candidates online. Some fantastic workers may not be actively searching for a job on boards but may see your post on social media and be persuaded to apply.

If a person follows your business on social media, they obviously have a level of respect and interest in you. Post that you are looking to hire certain positions. This not only builds your company’s online presence, but it may get the attention of candidates that may not have seen your listing otherwise.

Work With a Staffing Company

And you thought we weren’t going to talk about ourselves.

Staffing agencies like Tier2Tek make it their mission to find clients the best candidates. They do the nitty-gritty work for you. They have the skills to find the best employees. I mean, you’re reading about hiring tips on our website; we are obviously great at it.

All jokes aside, companies like Tier2Tek have a pool of prescreened candidates ready to work. We have a team of experienced and certified recruiters that know what questions to ask. We strive to get the hire right the first time, and if not, we go back to the drawing board.

After all, it is entirely possible to find candidates on your own. But if you are having issues or need an array of roles filled, a staffing company can help get the job done.