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Job Search Advice and Tips

Finding the perfect job can be a tough task. Not only does it require years of experience in a certain field, but it requires top-tier effort throughout the application process. Landing a dream job isn’t as easy as just applying. Ultimately, there are a plethora of steps necessary to get a good gig. Here is our frequently-updated job search advice.

Most Important Job Search Advice
The Necessities:

Background in the Field

This goes without saying, but a quality candidate should have experience in the role they are applying for. Look, you may not have the perfect one-to-one experience, but your skills should be applicable.

What is your working background? Do you have the correct certifications? Do you have a plethora of respectable references?

The resume is the most important part of the vetting process. An unsatisfactory resume leaves candidates unread.

You’ve Done Research

Nothing portrays a potential employee’s dedication more than researching the job. Candidates that show up with background knowledge of a job and company prove that they want to work for the company.

Do you know the business you’re applying for? Know what the company values? Do you have ideas for their future?

Ultimately, companies want to hire someone that wants to work for them.

Great Resume

A great resume is the elevator pitch for you as an employee. Not only does it catch the attention of the employer, but it sells them further vetting you as a candidate.

Even if you don’t have a plethora of job experience, your resume should still be well-crafted. It should explain the best qualities about you as a worker in a brief format.

Cover Letter

A resume gets the hiring manager’s attention. A great cover letter seals the deal.

Ultimately, a resume doesn’t leave much room for explaining your expertise. It’s a quick advertisement for you. The cover letter is your time to shine and explain all of your accomplishments. It’s also the chance to explain what you’ll add to the company if employed.

Nailing the Interview

If your cover letter and resume do their jobs, your next step will be the hardest: nailing the interview process.

After all, the interview is your chance to show your knowledge and communication skills. Anyone can say they’re an expert on paper, but only real experts can show it through interviews. Only 20% get this far. No pressure!

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