Stages of Desktop Support

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  1. Ticket arrives
    • A ticket is directed to the local Desktop Support queue qualifying the need for local onsite support to resolve the issue.
  2. Queue manager
    • Queue Manager designation is recommended for equal distribution of tickets. A Queue Manager is a peer who assigns tickets based on availability and or round robin. The role can alternate between technicians on a weekly basis or a Lead can be the responsible technician.
  3. Ticket assignment
    • The ticket is assigned to a technician.
  4. Responding to ticket
    • Opening the ticket as soon as possible.
  5. Assessing priority
    • Based on priority level set by Service Desk, the Desktop Support agent responds accordingly.
  6. Service Desk notes
    • Review the notes from Service Desk.
  7. Researching the issue
    • Investigate possible solutions based on probable cause and providing efficient troubleshooting steps.
  8. Contacting the user
    • Based on availability, phone should be the preferred method.
    • Request to visit or set an appointment on the calendar.
  9. Documenting the proposal for resolve.
  10. Testing the proposed resolve.
    • Implement solution.
  11. Document results
    • Close ticket with documentation.
    • Update knowledge base if necessary.
    • Route ticket to the next level with comprehensive notes and justification for transfer.